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10 #PynkGirlApproved Ways to Make Your Resolutions Realistic!


Now that we are almost a week into the New Year. You’ve made your resolutions and you’re sticking to them. It may not be that easy for most. For some, it’s a time where you create “unrealistic expectations.”

Instead of setting resolutions and forgetting about them once January passes, avoid that stigma and change the way you go about them for the new year.

Here is a list of ways to achieve a year of “Good vibes only” and live happy!

1. Set goals, Create a Vision.

This may seem like a piece of cake. To get a better idea of those goals on a daily basis
create a vision board. Make the law of attraction work for you! Having a visual idea of where you want to be will help you think things into reality.

2. Learn Something New.
Of course we learn something new everyday so instead, learn something that adds to your list of talents and skills. Take a new course or watch a YouTube tutorial! Do something you will enjoy.

3. Get Fit and Healthy.

This has to be one of the most common resolutions. How can you change this to work for you? Try new foods! Add new healthy recipes to your cookbook shelf. Also, find an exercise that works for you. By this I mean, try yoga, pilates, zumba or even go for a jog daily. You have to become fit at your own pace.

4. Love Yourself.

Self love is the best love! We’ve all heard that before but, really love yourself. Treat yourself or pamper yourself each month. Recite daily affirmations. There are plenty of books out there for women which contribute to your self esteem!

5. Spend Less, Save More.
Budgeting may not always be the most realistic option. Throwing yourself into a financial commitment may be a new process you’re not quite ready to tackle. So instead of spending your weekends at VIP in the club, stop spending on bad habits. Go to free events in your city, attend networking events, and vibe with people who enjoy doing what you do. Sometimes, the best things in life are free!

6. Travel More.
Sounds costly, right? Start out small. Visit places here in the U.S. There are many local attractions where you can enjoy yourself and spend less.

7. Support Your Friends.
As a millennial, everyone is starting a business or brand. Some of those people are your close friends. Support those who support you and more. You never know what connections can be made.

8. Read More.
“Reading is fundamental.” Sounds cliche? Reading changes your mindset and allows you to develop different perspectives and views. Knowledge is power. A good book can go a long way if you allow it.

9. Make This Your Year of “Good Vibes Only”
If you’re on social media, you have been reading this all year long. It is everyone’s favorite caption. Make this your reality. It’s time to rid yourself of bad habits. It’s time time to stop hanging with that girlfriend that stops your ambition. It’s time to find your purpose and live it.

10. Write a Letter To Yourself.
This can be as long or short as you want. Write a letter simply as a blueprint for how you will make things different for yourself. Be specific. Read that letter 3 months later as a reminder. Then 6 months later to see how far you have come. Then, after the year is up check your progress.

These 10 actions are as simple as you allow them to be.
Time to live your purpose and be great!

Happy New Year to all and Goodluck!


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