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10 Thoughts We’ve All Had In Our Heads While Getting Our Hair Done



We have all been in the position where we want to get our hair done but we don’t feel like dealing with the process that comes along with it. It’s stressful, annoying, and sometime nerve-wrecking to have to figure out what day we want to go to hair salon and what hairstyle we want. No matter what reason you are deciding to head to the salon we can all relate that these thoughts have popped up in our heads once or twice. Here’s 10 thoughts that comes to mind when we head to the salon.

1. “I hope it’s not crowded”


Before you reached the salon you’re praying that no one is in there. That way you can get in and get out, usually you walk in and about 10 people are in front of you so you’re prepared to be in the salon all day.

2. Wondering if your next


Sitting, waiting, and time is passing and your hair still isn’t done!

 3. “I hope the back of my shirt doesn’t get wet.”


You’re finally getting your hair washed, but your beautician seems to be a little careless when it comes washing your hair. So you sit there hoping not to get wet but a few seconds later you start to feel water dripping down your back.

4. You’re in the chair and you hope they don’t mention you needing your ends clipped.


Hair is everything to a girl and we take pride in it, so we sit and hope that our beautician doesn’t tell us we need to clip our ends.

5. Finding out that your hair has to be cut.


You really don’t want to cut your hair and you tried your hardest to convince your beautician that you can wait at least 2 more weeks, but in the end you realized it’s best and you want your hair to be healthy.

 6. “How much time do I have left under the dryer”


You’re tired and you’ve been in the salon all day so you are anxious for your hair to finish drying.

 7. Your hair isn’t done drying.


Finding out your hair isn’t done drying is a real bummer.

 8. “I hope they don’t burn my scalp”


While your beautician is blowing out your hair, you are praying that they DO NOT BURN YOUR SCALP!

 9. They end up doing it anyways


You’ve prayed hard, but your prayers weren’t answered in this situation. So your scalped got burned by the blow dryer and it hurts so badly that you want to scream.

10. Your hair is all down and now you can pay and leave.


Finally! You’ve been in the hair salon all day and now you can run home and relax.

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