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15 Of The Best Responses To The “What Are You Planing To Do With Your Life Now?” Question



So…what are you planing to do with your life now?

This question, often asked around the time that’s near your college graduation by a family member or someone who clearly has way too much time on their hands, is known to make someone upset. Whenever someone asks what’s our plans for the future we often feel as though we can’t be honest and up front about, so we end up just saying whatever we think the person wants to hear, but in reality we really don’t know what’s in store for our future. When it comes down to this question, it is best to be honest, but if you’re like myself and get annoyed every time someone does ask this just answer back with a sarcastic remark. Here’s are the 15 best responses to the “What are you planing to do with your life now?”

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