5 Tips On Planning A Fab Summer Event With Your Girls


Written by: Chatoya Antwine

As the summer approaches, what better way to enjoy some amazing weather than with your favorite girls. Make this summer an epic one and plan an exclusive and fabulous event with your squad!

  • Determine the purpose of the summer event

What’s the goal? Why do you and your girls want to get together? Do you want to turn up with your favorite girls, have some intimate time for a much needed girl talk, or could everyone use a little R&R (rest and relaxation)? Determining the reason for your summer event will make the planning stages so much easier and it will allow you to be more focused when narrowing down ideas

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  • Choose a theme

In order for this event to be fabulous, you have to be creative. Selecting a theme will make your event more intriguing and memorable. Themes ultimately set the mood for your event and they allow you to personalize the event by putting your own touches to it.

As a group, you all can collectively choose a theme for this fab event. Some great themes include an enchanted garden and tea party, dinner parties with intimate conversations, summer evening soiree, picnic at the beach, a weekend getaway at a cabin, or a relaxation retreat. Even a day to celebrate 10 years of friendship is an awesome theme. Your event can range from just a one-night dinner party to a weekend retreat. You can customize your theme to whatever fits best for your group, just make sure that it is fun and creative.

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  • Create an itinerary

Plan ahead and make a list of activities for everyone to participate in. This should be done prior to the event. Don’t wait until your event or your getaway begins and then start scrambling trying to figure out how to make this your best girls event yet. This will waste so much time!

Create a list of things that each person wants to do and narrow your list by what’s most important, cost, and availability. Activities may include ziplining, snorkeling, massages, facials, culinary classes, wine tours, beaches, yoga, festivals, and more.

Don’t forget to select options for meals or restaurants as well. If you’ve ever traveled or done anything with a group then you know that it takes so much longer to get things done. You can spend up to an hour trying to decide on a restaurant when that hour could have been dedicated to doing something way more fun or productive. It may seem a bit much to try to plan every single detail, but it’s not. Just because you create an itinerary doesn’t mean you have to follow it day by day, hour by hour. It just serves as a guideline and it helps you make decisions faster.


  • Assign roles and responsibilities

Each person should be assigned a role in order to make this a fab event. One person can be responsible for booking travel, one person can look up restaurants, another can create the itinerary, and one to create a list of activities.

Create a group chat specifically for the event so that everyone is on the same page at all times.

  • Be patient and willing to compromise

Planning an event with a group of girls can be challenging. There are multiple personalities and not everyone will always agree on everything. Don’t be afraid to split the group up and do different activities. Be understanding and recognize that the event is not all about you and everything will not always go your way.


Bonus Tip: Most importantly don’t forget to save those coins! Once all the details have been planned, share the total cost with everyone, divide the cost person and the deadlines to make payments. Make sure everyone is clear on how payments will be submitted. Set up a payment schedule so that the girls can plan and save accordingly.

How will you and your fav girls be celebrating your friendship this summer?

Chatoya Antwine, Owner & Executive Planner of A la carte Galore, a premiere event planning and destination retreat company where Chatoya helps entrepreneurs plan, coordinate, and execute remarkable events and destination retreats that help scale their businesses. Learn more about her at | Instagram @alacartegalore

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