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Invites Just Got Fancier With Technology and Style



Weddings have taken a new twist from the days of yesteryear.

Weddings have become a big shabang! From proposal boxes that record the moment when he asks for her hand in marriage, to the elaborate weddings that include cakes that are six feet tall, lavish wedding gifts of expensive cars or Rolex watches, and fully choreographed dances– it seems as though every couple is aiming to be #goals!

When trying to achieve this “like”-worthy status, everything has to be perfect, right down to the invitations. Couples are now going viral for their creative ways to get guests to attend. Even our very own #PYNK FOUNDER, Mecca Moore created “Save-The-Date” invitations on a pizza box (yes, there was even warm and yummy pizza)!

Now, thanks to technology, you can now send a video invitation to potential guests. The geniuses at Engaging Invites offer people the ability to personalize and customize your invite with a video message that guests can cherish for a years to come. The seven-inch LCD screen with built-in speakers and up to three minute video makes this invite one that will never get lost in the shuffle.

Now that Mecca’s and her fiance’s Antoine are closely approaching their big date, and they too will be sending their personal invites which will more than likely be fun and brag worthy.

It doesn’t just stop there– you can personalize holiday cards, birthday invites, or any reason to send an amazing card to someone you care about.

Check out this video for more details:


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