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#ThinkPynk: 5 Types of People To Have in Your Tribe!

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Today is the perfect day to talk about our tribes’ ladies! Now more than ever we are meeting different individuals at networking events, through social media, and at work with different backgrounds than us. It is important to sort out who we keep in our circle because not all company is good company. Pynk is here to help a sister out! We’ve listed below 5 types of individuals to keep in our circle. From the mentors to the doers, we wanted to help our #pynkgirls ensure that their tribe is pretty, powerful, and provocative!



It is always a great thing when we can look to someone who has already been there and done that. After all, they know what is best especially if they are older than us. The mentor or problem solver can foresee things we may not see yet and can guide us in a direction where we truly want to go. Mentors can be anyone from our counselor, our boss, our mother, or our friend. This relationship will foster into a student/teacher dynamic. It is healthy and worthy when we have someone looking out for our best interest. We can learn a lot from our mentor or problem solver because they are wise individuals.

Photo by Alex Sorto on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Sorto on Unsplash


Surrounding ourselves with people who are on the same path as us is imperative. A great way to stay connected with our colleagues is to keep in touch with our alumni network or people that we meet at networking events. We all can benefit from staying on the right path with being around people who have similar interest as us. Not to mention the business that we can all benefit from when working together. A powerful thing happens when powerful women come together and work for the greater good. Getting the chance to work with other women outside of our circle can enhance us as well rounded individuals and create lasting friendships.

We all should surround ourselves with people who execute.


We all can create ideas and plans that will take us far but a plan without action is nothing. We all should surround ourselves with people who execute. Being around people who succeed and have a proven record of accomplishing their goals is ideal for our tribe! These type of people will motivate us to get our plans accomplished. The doers are the people who take action, people who are a great asset to our lives. These people will inspire us to stay focused and be confident enough to move past our fears of anything holding us back.

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It is a blessing to have people in our corner who are unbiased and will be honest with us. The unbiased will tell the truth no matter how difficult it can be to accept. The individuals who tell us what we want to hear aren’t really going to give us the best advice. When it comes to making solid decisions their opinion may be altered because of clouded perception. We all can benefit from someone giving their honest opinion about us. We grow and develop with these individuals who are a vital part of lives and tribe.

Photo by Kim Carpenter on Unsplash

Photo by Kim Carpenter on Unsplash


It’s important that we surround ourselves with individuals who are positive and uplifting. They are good for our mental health because they accept all parts of us without judgment. Our spirit is elevated when we are joyful, creating a stress-free environment. Being around positivity will increase our confidence because we know that we have a support system who cheers us on even when times get rough. Positive people are mutually beneficial because we all can learn a thing or two about self-care and growth that many of us are working on.

List some of your tribes and how they are unique to you and the world! We all have something to offer and finding our strengths to help people along the way is beyond rewarding!

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