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HERstory: An Ode to Black Female Entrepreneurs

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If you’re not living in your truth, you’re not going to be able to be where you’re supposed to be, and I consider your truth to be your compass to your purpose. And if you’re not living in that truth, then you are being steered by otherworldly things that don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart.

-Amanda Seales

Solange Knowles embracing her Magic

Solange Knowles embracing her Magic

Every day we see a glimpse of black girl magic. Whether we see a woman like Keisha Bottoms become the 60th mayor of Atlanta or Solange Knowles creating a body of work based on black excellence and the sensitivities that go along with wearing natural looks in “Don’t Touch My Hair.” Black women are known to be powerful, outspoken, and driven to create a better life for people around us and ourselves. Women of color are now becoming the fastest group of female entrepreneurs and PYNK is here to celebrate HERstory!

Image of Zelda Wynn Valdes measuring Eartha Kitt

Image of Zelda Wynn Valdes measuring Eartha Kitt

Women are naturally the caregivers and nurturers and unfortunately, society was okay with limiting beliefs. If we speak too loud, show too much emotion or if we’re too aggressive, it is a no-no. The natural gift that was passed down for hundreds of years cannot exist in some environments. Black women are taking back their power in their own environments and communities. If there is one that we’re learning, it’s that we all have the agency and discernment to make powerful and investing moves!

According to a Nielsen, data shows that the number of businesses majority-owned by Black women grew 67 percent between 2007 and 2012, compared to 27 percent for all women and 13 percent for White women. (Nielsen) What a time to be alive for black women, it is so fitting to big up our women during black history month! As women, we create history every day. We birth kings and queens, we become matriarchs in our families, and still keep our business together!

We can thank women like Beyonce who showed us that women can rule the world. Or, Ashley Ann, a successful black woman who has helped hundreds of men and women create businesses and brands. Women like Erika Pittman who once worked for Diddy and has worked with many other household names like Vibe Media Group, Time, and Radio One Inc to name a few that have paved the way! We have to work 10x harder because we are fighting three battles simultaneously, we’re black, we’re women and black women. One thing is for sure, we are making HERstory gracefully! Comment below and tell us what black women you appreciate, on any scale we are all one.


Photo courtesy of Huffington Post and Fashion Style Detroit 

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