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#PynkExclusive: Watch Out For Shenna As She Follows Her Own Voice!

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PYNK had the pleasure of interviewing Shenna, a rising star whose music was featured on MTV, Oxygen, Netflix and more. She is influenced by today’s superstars and has no plan on letting up on her dreams. Join us as we give you a glimpse of Shenna’s music career and where it derives from in this Pynk Exclusive!

Q: Superstars like Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga inspired you to take things to the next level with your new video “Magenta”, how have they inspired you to be the artist you are today?

A:  All three of these artists are not afraid to take a risk and be the talk of the tabloids with their brands! I love how free Lady Gaga is which inspires me to think outside the box creatively. Rihanna is such an icon from makeup to fashion. She has created so many hit songs which inspires me not to be afraid of challenging myself artistically and incorporating new genres and styles into my music. Bruno Mars is the ultimate performer and musical genius! His pen game is crazy which pushes me harder as a singer-songwriter

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Q: Your videos are always fun and adventurous, are you hands-on when it comes to the treatments and production of your vision?

A: Thank you! I am always hands-on when it comes to my treatments so my vision comes to life. I love for others involved to put in their creative input too! It’s funny because no matter how much I tell myself I will relax and let others help organize the days of the shoot, I always find myself in the middle of the room making sure everything goes smoothly. I guess it’s the Leo in me!


Q: You are a natural in front of the camera, and your music is featured on Netflix, MTV, Oxygen, and others. When did you know that you were nothing less than a star?

A: I always was inspired by music at a young age. I grew up in a house full of athletes so it was only right for my mom to enroll me in basketball which I literally felt forced to go to! I would spend hours memorizing full-length Mariah Carey CDs and buying vintage keyboards from thrift shops and play them as if it was a concert. There was no stopping my dream. I have had the same passion since the age of 5 honestly.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to upcoming artists who are looking to be in the entertainment industry?

A:  Dig for your own opportunities for no one is going to work as hard as you will for yourself! Do not let anyone or anything stop you whether its finances, friends, etc.

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Q: With a beautiful and distinctive voice like yours, what are some self-care regimens that you do to take care of your voice all year round?

A: Wow thank you! I make sure I am always wearing a sweater and scarf when I go outside on cold days. I also make sure that I do not yell and scream on a regular basis as that really can wear down your voice. Even though I travel a lot, I make time to do vocal warm-ups and practice my set songs so I am prepared at any moment to perform.


That is all for our exclusive on Shenna! Follow the talented songstress on Instagram @shennamusic and check out her new video “Magenta” on YouTube!

Photos courtesy of Pictame and Instagram

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