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From Long Distance To Marriage, Sopha Rush Inspires Us to Be Deeply Rooted In Love!

Photo courtesy of Sopha Rush
Photo courtesy of Sopha Rush

Hello ladies, Pynk is here to give you another exclusive! With love in the air for Valentine’s Day next week, we decided to spotlight Sopha and Anthony Rush! These two are the epitome of what true love is. From being together in a long distance relationship to getting married and more recently sharing with the world their announcement on baby Rush. We couldn’t think of a better time to showcase their love for each other and God!


Q: You two understand each others love languages, what are some advice you can give to couples who are still learning one another?

A:  I would encourage couples who are still learning each other’s love languages to never stop learning. It’s not a once you know, you do something sweet once and that’s all. It’s continual, being intentional kind of relationship. I know from our experiences, as the years pass, our love languages may shift, because we change. Every day I am learning about my husband and same with him. I would encourage others to read Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and take the quiz in the back of the book so you can learn each other’s love languages. It’s a process and takes time learning so don’t beat yourself up if you fail and may not get this love language thing right away. Shoot I’ve been with my husband for five years and I still fail at times. My encouragement: Just don’t give up and stop pursuing one another.

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Q: How has time and distance empowered your union and relationship with God?

A: Long distance was bittersweet, I can’t say I would ever wish it upon anyone to be honest. I can say though, it really shaped me and allowed me to see my selfishness and lack of trust in God in the midst of it all. My husband and I did two years long distance, seeing each other maybe every other month if possible. It was indeed challenging, but it did make the time that we spent together so much sweeter. We were able to grow on a deeper spiritual level through our relationship with God and each other. I wasn’t always grateful and thankful, I’m sure I had my days I complained to God. I did learn to appreciate the little things and the little blessings right in front of me, instead of focusing on the distance between us. God revealed to me that I had so much to learn and grow before we needed to be in the same state. We learned how vital it was to communicate, communicate, communicate. We had to be creative and make each other a priority even if our days were filled with so many activities. We had to rely on God when times got really hard and I felt like giving up and calling quits. We had to keep God the center focus and remind each other daily the bigger picture of things and the end goal which resulted in marriage. Yes, long distance is never easy, but it’s so worth it if you fight for it.


 We were able to grow on a deeper spiritual level through our relationship with God and each other.

-Sopha Rush

Q: For the women and men who are beginning their spiritual journey, what are some disciplines that we all can follow to live a purified life?

A: For women and men who are beginning their spiritual journey, some disciplines that have helped in my spiritual walk has been my quiet time and prayer. Making sure that God stays the number one priority in my life, yes even before my husband. That I start my morning communicating with God whether that’s through listening to my gospel music, worship, prayer, and or spending time in the Word. It gets my day started with the right mindset and sets my spirit in a place of peace. That all the worries of yesterday, no longer carry over to my day because I am reminded that today is a new day and joy comes in the morning. Another discipline that has helped me on my spiritual journey has been finding a community of like-minded individuals. People who are striving to live a life pleasing to God. It makes it so much easier when you are surrounded by people who can hold you accountable, challenge, and push you to become who God has called you to be. These are just a few that have been such a blessing in my walk with God.

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Q: With experience in being in a long distance relationship, what are some of the things the two of you did to ensure the best moments when the two of you did connect?

A: Well for us, this may be different than others because we were waiting for marriage. So for us, when we did reconnect, we had to find things to do with other couples and family as we spent time together. Since I moved to a new city, when my husband would come to visit, we would explore the city and check out the museums and restaurants. We found joy in discovering new spots and trying new places to eat. When I would visit him, we would mostly spend time with his or my family having movie nights, enjoying home cooked meals and nights out with friends. Every visit looked different depending on the years whether he was in college still playing ball or when we got engaged and I had to plan a wedding from another state.


Q: What are some tips for couples who have just gotten married and never experienced living with one another?

A: My encouragement for those who newlywed and have never experienced living together, be gentle with each other. For my husband and I, we didn’t live together until we got married so we had so much learning to do. I knew things about my husband, but until you actually live with someone, you learn so much more. For me, one thing I had to learn to do was not nag, but encourage my husband when he would do something that drove me crazy.  (leave his dirty clothes right next to the laundry basket) Patience is something that I’ve gained while being married. I didn’t realize how impatient I was also until I had to live with someone. I would encourage these newlyweds to listen to each other and ask yourself what can I do better? Maybe there is something that drives my spouse crazy and each day I will work on it.


Well, there you have it, everyone. Sopha and Anthony are such an inspiration to thousands of couples all over the world. Throughout this Q&A we all learned that love is patient and kind, what it is like living with your partner for the first time and so much more! We hope that everyone took something away from Sopha, this powerful and dynamic woman is leading the way ladies! Follow Sopha Rush on Instagram @livedeeplyrooted for more inspiration, tasty recipes, and join her in her #deeplyrootedchallenge!

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