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ThinkPynk: 4 Life Saving Tools Destiny’s Child Taught Us!

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Destiny’s Child was a girl group that taught every woman about life skills that we necessarily don’t give that much credit to. They paved the way for provocative hairstyles and their outfits were unique to each group member. Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mother) always made sure that the group stood out when creating wardrobes for the songstresses and started many trends because of her individuality. Today, we are going in depth about how Destiny’s Child gave us the handbook to be who we are today!

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Say My Name was a legendary track that put Destiny’s Child on the map! Who else remembers the monochrome video? We loved the orange, blue, red and white sets. With lyrics like “if no one is around you say baby, I love you If you ain’t runnin’ game.” The impact that came from Say My Name solidified the group in the music industry. With over 135 million views on YouTube, the southern group is still making waves years later.

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One of our favorite anthems is Survivor! Women are known to face adversity and overcome anything that we are going through. With lyrics like “thought I couldn’t last without you, but I’m lastin,” the song Survivor gave us gems that we can’t forget. The girl group always pushed the envelope with their videos, Survivor was one for the books with the beach scene when the three were washed up on a beach and with camouflage outfits that we still wear today!

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Aside from respect and resilience, Destiny’s Child taught us the fundamentals of being an independent woman. In a world where men tend to rule a lot Beyonce, Michelle, and Kelly taught us that it was okay to be independent with our own dealings in life such as paying our own car notes and bills. Destiny’s Child taught us about being a girl boss before girl boss became a thing.

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With chart-topping hits like Soldier and Girl, Destiny’s Child instilled in all of us how important it is to have a sisterhood and a man that can handle alpha women archetypes. These three women opened doors and conversations with innovative ideas that people are sometimes afraid to talk about like lying and cheating. Girl was an anthem that all women can relate to at one point or another in life.


Destiny’s Child paved the way for many songstresses and groups that came after them. From chart-topping hits to wardrobes that are unforgettable Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle made their stamp on the world. One thing is for certain, there was always a message behind their music. These women made sure that we had the tools to get through life with being pretty, powerful and provocative the #PYNKGirl way! Comment below and let us know your favorite Destiny’s Child song.


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