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#PynkHealth: 3 Lessons we learned from Usher’s herpes accusations

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Unless you have been buried under a ton of paperwork, you might have missed the news about “Let it Burn” singer, Usher. Just last week, Radar Online reported that he was ordered to pay a little more than $1 million to a woman who accused him of giving her the sexually transmitted disease, herpes.

Yesterday, another woman surfaced suing the “Voice” judge for $20 million saying that the singer also gave her herpes. She claims that last year she and the “Confession” singer had an affair which led to her catching the STI. She claims that the 38-year-old singer never disclosed that he had the sexually transmitted disease.

So what is the point of this story? The streets ain’t safe right now! There is nothing new under the sun, but ladies we have to be aware that our bodies truly are our temples and if we do not care for them, no one else will.

If what we read is true, Usher is definitely not a stand up guy. I mean, not only did he cheat on his wife, he also never made it clear to these women that he had a STD. Isn’t it fair that he do so for the sake of these women’s health? Why did he decide to not wear a condom?

So how can you avoid such trauma? While I know that most of you have already had these talks, I feel compelled to give you a subtle reminder:

Don’t have unprotected sex

Sure, a condom isn’t going to stop all STI’s, but you’ll be protected from most.

Money doesn’t mean safety

Just because he flashes a lot of cash that doesn’t mean that he has a clean bill of health. Make smart decisions on who you lay with and don’t do it for the love of money.

Be patient

Don’t feel pressured to have sex. Make sure you and your partner get tested before heading to the bedroom.

When it all comes down to it, remember that sex is more than a feel good moment. If you don’t take precautions, you will surely get burned.

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