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3 Ways Beyonce’ Has Proven She is Really ‘Human’


Since Queen Bey has kicked off one of her biggest tours to date it has gone down in history.  The music, the costumes, the stage, and the world’s biggest entertainer herself are just the icing.  Beyonce shown us that contrary to popular belief, she is indeed a human being.  If you didn’t know before now this will prove it to you.


A photo posted by @tamcakesnsyrup on Jun 8, 2016 at 10:15pm PDT

1. Beyonce’s second show slayed in New York’s Citi Field, leaving the crowd with feelings of empowerment and courage to conquer it all.  However, some were left with a major wardrobe malfunction from the Queen herself.  Most Beyhive attendees may have missed the moment.  The malfunction waited until the end of the “Formation” world tour show to happen.  Fans may not have caught it because Bey handled it like a pro or they were already high on Beyonce’s energy by the remarkable ending.  The deemed flawless superstar’s sparkly leotard ripped right near the crotch while belting out the lyrics to “Halo,” which happened to be her final song for the night.  Instead of reacting obviously, Beyonce held it together holding the garment together with her hand and continued slaying the song.  Beyonce never left her hip through the song, which might explain to some, but to others it was hardly obvious that is what she was doing.


2.  A few nights back, last week, Beyonce sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker.  It put a new    meaning on Bey’s lyrics.  Literally, the Queen sneezed on stage in concert and the crowd went bananas.  In the Citi Field stadium in New York, it was a moment to remember during the “Formation” world tour show.  The 34-year-old was beginning an acapella to “Love on Top” when she paused to sneeze into the fold of her arm of her gold and black Gucci costume.  The audience exploded surprising emotion and a “bless you.”  Social media went crazy with all kind of responses to the legendary stage sneeze.  Some didn’t know Beyonce could sneeze while others thought it was the best thing since sliced bread wishing she sneezed on them.


3.  Beyonce gave us yet another reminder that she indeed human during her show a few nights ago in Detroit when part of her stage set broke above her head.  Beyonce quickly reached up to hold the part up, the lights went out and you could hear the “uh oh” almost in a song type of way; she seamlessly went right into the next part of the show as the show must go on.

Again, if you didn’t know before that even the most inhuman in our heads are really human in reality, you know now, Beyonce included.


Photo Credit(s): gossioponthis, cosmopolitan

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