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4 Reasons Sleepovers Are Still Relevant

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Most PYNK girl are super busy, so it’s are for us to find time to wind down and have a “you time.” You are driven so your time is limited, you are ambitious so you are always on the go, and you are hard-working so if it’s not someone’s birthday, wedding or a graduation, you decline the invitations to just kick it with your girls. Sure, we’ve traded Disney princess movies with Scandal, and Barbie dolls with nail polish, but the concept of talking candidly about everything from your office crush to updating your resume is just what you need as you endeavor to conquer your dreams. So if you’ve declined invitations to chill with your besties, now may be the time to text your girls back and set up a sleepover. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Fallin’ Out

You’ve seen the meme and it’s so true, “adulting” is hard; sometimes you just want escape the pressures of adulthood and be a kid again. That’s why being able to get things off your chest and receive thoughtful feedback from those you trust is so invaluable. Seize the chance to vent about work, your ex, and your crush this month, if anyone will listen, it’s your team.

  1. #Crown

Sometimes you need girl time just to help polish your crown. You take one look at the boutique owners on IG and you deem your education and your current occupation unworthy, where is my success? You ask. Remember, your girls are your private cheer squad, your voice of reason,  and can be there to help you celebrate small achievements and push you towards future goals.

  1. Ballin’ on a Budget

You would love to accompany your coworkers to happy hour every Thursday and Friday but the way your account is set up… With your girls you have no qualms about letting them know your pockets are tight. Planning to meet up at one another’s place with wine, comfort food, and your favorite playlist is the recipe for a cost effective turn up that does not require compromising your budget.

  1. Nude

Oscar Wilde said it best, “be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Having the freedom to be yourself in their presence is one of the most important reasons for girl time. At work and in school, you are the go-getter, you’re the relative that everyone calls on, and you’re a superwoman to your man—you’re flawless. But with  your friends you can relax those roles and bare it all, knowing that even without your ambition and intelligence, your girls would love you just for who you are, flaws and all.


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