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4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Travel Wall!

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We all have our list of places that we want to go for 2018 and beyond. Luckily for us, social media has shown us an easier way to start saving for our trips! You may have seen the money wall on Instagram, with a destination written on an envelope taped to a wall. It’s the latest trend and #PYNK is here for it. It’s one of the best traveling tips yet!                                   

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Physical representation

Every day we get to see our progression towards our goals. Putting money aside to go to our dream destination will leave us motivated to keep it going! We train our minds to save towards what really matters to us. Not to mention we are intentionally manifesting that cruise we always wanted to go to.  

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The traveling wall will teach us self-discipline! The purpose of the travel wall is to save our coins. We will not be prone to touching the money that we put towards our trip. The travel wall also assists us in building towards something without breaking our pockets. Think of the wall as a payment plan to ourselves.

Create your own challenge

The great thing about the travel wall is flexibility. We can create our own challenge or even participate in the 5 dollar challenge that everyone has been raving about. Every week we should be adding towards the wall. Always remember to go at your own pace, this is not a race. All of our trips cost more or less depending on our destination.

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Looking at our travel wall and reaching our goals to pay for our trips will make it all the more real! Subconsciously, we will be motivated to workout and get our bodies together for Costa Rica beaches or hike somewhere in South America. We will be in high vibes knowing that relaxation and fun in the sun are going to happen.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash 

Get those passports ready because the world will be in the palm of our hands! Traveling is a great way to live a stress-free life that we all could use. We will make memories that will last a lifetime and cross things off of our bucket list. #PYNK strives towards togetherness and empowerment, let’s do this ladies!

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