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5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your MCM!

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Let’s face it, Valentine’s day is a day when PYNK girls around the world are being catered to. What about showing the appreciation to our MCM for standing by us powerful women? They keep us sane and grounded when we are running our businesses, taking care of the kids, and our friend when it is time to vent! In addition to the gifts that we exchange on Valentines Day, we’ve created a DIY list that is easy and simple to give the MCM in our lives.


Care package

Care packages can include bae’s favorite candy, shampoo, and conditioner for his beard, and if want to spice things up– his favorite mini bottles of liquor. Whatever your man will enjoy, will get the job done.

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Okay ladies, in addition to care packages, this idea is something that both men and women can enjoy this Valentines Day! For one thing, who doesn’t love lingerie? Lingerie can bring out the provocativeness in the Pynk girl and heat things up when we model it for him!

Red fried Oreos

For our MCM’s who have a sweet tooth and enjoy OreosRed Velvet Fried Oreos is the perfect DIY to satisfy their taste buds. Add red dye to your pancake mix before dipping the oreo in the batter to fry. Trust us when we tell you that this is a winner!

Talk to me nerdy

In light of gifting our lovers with treats– a jar filled with pink, red, or white Nerds with a cute message like “talk to me nerdy” is super cute for the creative gift giver. This jar filled with Nerds is another way to initiate the romance of the night or for the weekend.

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Message in a jar

Lastly, we have our message in a jar. You’ll need a string, a love letter, and red construction paper for this project. Attached to the lid of a clear Mason jar, you can present this gift with a message hanging from a string. This is a cute and simple way to express our love for our MCM.


 These ideas are great additions to the gifts that aren’t so expensive as the ones we will already be exchanging! We hope you enjoy our #PYNKGirlApproved Valentine’s Day DIY’s for our MCM’s. All of these creative ideas and more can be found on Pinterest.

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