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5 Lessons We’ve Learned From The Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul

may j blige


God blessed us all by bring an amazing talent into this world. That amazing talent is no other than the Queen of Hip Hop Soul her Mary J. Blige.  She’s been in the game for over 20 years and has given the world hit singles such as “Real Love,” “No More Drama,” and “Family Affair.” Along with an amazing singing career she’s also ventured into acting, starring in the movie I Can Do Bad All By Myself and being a cast member of The Wiz. MJB is a legend and she’s love by so many people around the world, so let’s honor her, here’s 5 lessons we’ve learned from the Queen of Hip Hop Soul herself.


1. Real love still exists

mary-j-blige-and-her-husband Mary J Blige and her husband Kendu Issacs have been married for 12 years now, Issacs stood by her throughout her drug abuse years as well as encouraging her to get clean. His support as not only her husband but her manager as well has help her strive in the music industry. I guess we can all agree that she has found ‘real love’.






2. The creation of the word “Hateration”


Who can forget her 2001 hit “Family Affair”?  It was MJB’s first number one single and it stayed number one on the charts for six consecutive weeks. This single not only gave her more success but it birth a new word and that was “hateration”.




3. Blonde hair is beautiful on everyone.



There’s lots of celebrity women who rock blonde tresses like Beyonce, T-Boz, and many others but i think we can all agree that MJB rocks it with such style and grace.











4. We can all overcome hardships


Mary J Blige has dealt with lots of hardships in her life dealing with being abandoned by her father, being molested by a family friend, struggling with drug abuse, and dealing with domestic abuse. MJB is living proof that we all go through trial and tribulations but we can overcome it and become a better person of out it.







5. Only change for the better


MJB is known for her powerful music that can help anyone who’s feeling down. One song in particular that comes to mind that’s very powerful is “Take Me As I Am”. The lyrics convey that no matter what you go through stay true to yourself, don’t change for no one. Take me as I am or have nothing at all.






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