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5 New Years Resolutions That You Should Continue Throughout The Year



It’s a new day and a new year and we are all happy that we got to see another year out as well as live to see another year in. Each year we come up with New Year’s resolutions and although we have mentally prepared ourselves to work hard at it, we once again underestimate the power of comfort. I know it gets hard, especially with all of our busy schedules, but I guarantee these ideas will help make the new year a little brighter. Here’s 5 New Year resolutions that we all should definitely follow to make our year worth wild.

1. Get fit/Healthy

Workout-tips-for-beginners Honestly this is probably one of the infamous New Year resolutions of all time. We all tell ourselves that we are going to lose weight and become healthy, but we end up never going through with it. Well, 2016 may just be the right year for you to go out their, get motivation, and finally lose that weight that you’ve been dying to lose for years.

2.Detox Everything!


It doesn’t matter what you’re detoxing, it can be your body, your home, or the people in your life, just get rid of unnecessary things! It will make you happy in the long run.







3. Write down all of the positive things that will happen to you throughout the year.



Keep a journal and every time something positive happens to you, write it down and keep it in a safe place, then reflect on it at the end of this year.




4. Grind Harder!



We are all striving to become the best at whatever it is we want to do. Some people may feel content with where they are in their lives. Others may feel like they need to work harder. Whatever it is you want to accomplish in your life, continue doing it, keep grinding and becoming the best at it.





5. Take A Break



Treat yourself this year, take some time off  for yourself to relax and get your mind right. This break can be a nice vacation, a trip to the spa, or just a relaxing day at home. No matter what it is, do it for the sake of you, your health, and your sanity.


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