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5 Reasons It’s Important To Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset


183748463When a person calls themselves an entrepreneur; it is often misinterpreted into being labeled as “unemployed,” which is clearly not the same. Entrepreneurism just means that you are not employed by an organization, company, or a person. You merely are your own source of income and―in short―you are your own boss.

Unlike the CEO of a fortune 500 company, but more like the owner and creator of your own business. Many people see entrepreneurism as one of those forbidden career paths that either lead to investing into a weird invention or trying yo manage a crumbling startup company that was once a hopeful feat. Entrepreneurism is strategic chance that can either make you or break you. But more importantly, it is a field with no boundaries, where you can explore and innovatively creative your own vision and plan to accomplish such goals.

Some qualities of most entrepreneurs are fearlessness, diligence, persistence and optimism―just to name a few. These characteristics are what separate the dreamers from the doers―and PYNK girls are doers. Here at team PYNK, we are supporters of innovation and independence, so check out 5 reasons why we think it’s important to have an entrepreneurial mindset in this new millennial generation.

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