5 Reasons To Wind Down On A Friday, Instead Of Turning Up



Friday is the new Sunday because after a long week of work, the only thing that we are usually thinking about is a nap and some wine. There’s nothing wrong with being a homebody and you probably need some rest anyway. With busy schedules, PYNK girls are usually tied up every day at all hours, so it’s important for you to catch up on rest, and what better way to do that than on the day when all the stress comes to an end.

If you are the ultimate achiever, your life probably doesn’t pause, so the weekend is just another day to work, but overworking is very common in independent women, especially if you are also trying to turn up on the weekend. So chill and use this Friday for meditation, relaxation and “you” time because you deserve it. Here are 5 #PYNKGirlApproved reasons Friday should be used for unwinding.

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  1. Going out Friday evening is played out.

Wednesday is the new Friday or even Tuesday. It’s so cliché to go out on a Friday.

  1. The clubs and bars are always over packed.

Because everyone has chosen to get loose on the last day of the work week, the dive bars and clubs are constantly over crowded. What started as an attempt to kick your work shoes off and unwind slowly turned into a nightmare of long lines and rude club bouncers.

  1. It is the perfect day to catch up on your favorite shows.

It’s 2015, so hopefully you’ve invested in DVR, which is god’s gift to TV series watchers. Most likely, you’ve completed all your work from the prior week, so now you can binge watch all your shows that you missed, especially since your faves probably don’t come on Friday’s. Use this day to lock in to your TV set.

  1. Happy hour is a fail, sometimes.

This isn’t in all cases, but a lot of NYC bars and restaurants have made this new and horrible rule to remove happy hour from Friday’s. We already don’t get a weekend happy hour and now they are taking away our happiness on Friday’s? How dare them!

  1. Friday can be a day of productivity and shopping.

Most people see Friday as a party day to celebrate your work success from the week, why not celebrate by treating yourself to some new shoes?


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