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5 Reasons Why Bryson Tiller Is Our New Favorite

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Bryson Tiller is the real deal when it comes to music, but he’s also bae af and dripping with chocolate. The 22-year-old Louisville native is making his way to the top of the charts and also making his way into your girls heart. Kentucky’s got a new star and he’s not what we all expected. It seems like it happened over night, but the young musician has been testing the waters of the entertainment industry for quite some time. Today, the southern songwriter dropped his project T R A P S O U L which made major noise in the blogs launching his novice career to the next level. If you haven’t given his music a listen here are some of our favorite tunes of his. Check out our top 5 reasons why Bryson Tiller is our new favorite heart throb.

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1. He’s only 22, and he’s only getting better. Bryson’s stardom has been on an upward slope for the past couple of months. If he continues to make music like her does, there’s no telling where his level of success will reach.

2. He’s super cute. Bryson Tiller is probably the best looking man in music to ever come out of Kentucky. His effortless swag gives him a kind of sex appeal making his music even better.

3. He’s actually a lyricist. Time and time again, we have singers write songs that can only be sung. Bryson is bringing some good lyrics against an awesome instrumental making for even better songs.

4. He has a unique style in his delivery. Bryson is amongst the few artists that are creating this innovative r&b and hip-hop sound. It’s classics r&b fused with edgy instrumentals.

5. He’s already been co-signed by Drake and Timbaland and slated to do big things in music.

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