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5 Reasons why Mary J Blige is the Queen of Hiphop Soul

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The Queen of Hiphop Soul, Mary J, Blige, proved that she deserves her title when she performed her hits of today and yesterday at the Wawa Welcome America concert in Philadelphia, PA.

For me, seeing Mary J. Blige perform was a little nostalgic because it reminded me of home. You know those Saturdays when your mom is cleaning the house from top to bottom and blasting her CD’s like she is at a concert? Yes, Mary J. was always a part of the lineup.

My mom would blast her songs to the heavens! And when her “part” was coming, she would stop and sing that “Love No Limit” like she wrote it herself. Head thrown back and grooving side to side with moments of “Sing it Mary”, made me realize that Mary J. Blige served a purpose in the life of my mom. Mary was a friend to my mom (in her head, of course) who understood her moods of love, life changes, and “No Drama”.

After watching the 46-year-old singer perform on stage and seeing the effect she has on her fans, there were 5 reasons I knew for a fact that she is the Queen of Hiphop Soul.

She is no Beyonce, but she moves from her soul. No dance routine, just pure Mary J. and we love it!

She has a special bond with her fans. There was a moment when Mary J. cried and I saw women cry with her. I saw them cheer her on and she did the same in return.

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They are willing to wait in a storm. It began to downpour and that did not make her fans leave. They were not disappointed.

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She shares her world, “I am a woman,” she said. “We feel each other’s pain.” She then talked to the men, “after we’ve been hurt or scorned, we don’t need you to come home jealous when we’re about to get our own.”

The woman has style like no other! She is a trendsetter, period. From her hair to her stilettos, she is always together.

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Why do you think she is the Queen of Hiphop Soul?

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