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5 Reasons You Should Take A Gap Year After You Graduate



For some students who are in their final year of college or for those who are approaching their final year trying to figure out what to do can be very scary. Some people decide to go straight to graduate school and work on getting a master’s degree and for others (including myself) we decide to take a year off to figure out exactly what we want to do. Some may think that taking a gap year between undergrad and graduate school is lazy, but in reality it’s a great way to go out and live your life to the fullest. If you need help convincing yourself and others why you should take a gap year check out these 5 reasons.

1. Gain Working Experience


You’ve been in school for all of your life, so having a job may be a new experience for you. And face it,you need a job to pay off your student loans. So working can be a fun and interesting experience and if you decide to go back to school you have built relationships from your job who can write you a recommendation letter that is useful for many graduate programs.

2. Get An Intership



Acquiring an internship in the area that you’ve studied at school or in the career field that you would like to pursue, is a great way to learn more about that particular industry. Interning will help you bring real world experience to your college education as well as make great connections.





3. Join Organizations


If you still have no clue what career field you would like to get into, joining an organization may be great for you. Volunteering with organizations such as Americorps and the Peace Corps opens doors for great opportunities such as traveling. Joining an organization doesn’t only look good on your resume, but it also helps out when it comes to paying off student loans.





4. Travel


Everyone wants to travel, but no one seems to have the time. During your senior year of college thinking about traveling during your gap year may be the best idea. Traveling helps give you an outlook on life beyond what’s in front of you.




5. A mental break


Lastly, taking a gap year gives you time to relax and enjoy your life without constantly worrying.





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