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5 Reasons Zendaya Is One of Our Favorite Role Models For Young Girls


Originally known for her child-like role on Disney’s Shake It Up, Zendaya Coleman is a 19-year-old actress/singer grazing the thin line between fame and superstardom. She’s a winner, in every aspect and she’s definitely a young PYNK girl fit to represent young girls of all ages around the world.


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In a society that has glamorized superficiality and has taught us that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, we are appreciative of women like Zendaya who constantly remind us—and young girls—that beauty is only skin deep. On and off the screen the singer/songwriter has countlessly reminded us that she sticks to the values and morals that her lovely parents have instilled in her. Although she is only a teenager, Zendaya has made some major statements on race causing a controversial movement of celebrating diversity and blackness on the red carpet.

This year alone, Zendaya got her own Barbie doll manufactured in honor of her Oscars look—the first ever Barbie with dreadlocks. After cleverly and appropriately defending herself publicly, Zendaya responded to Giuliana Rancic’s racist remarks on her evening look from the Oscars. Not only did her comment receive positive feedback, but it also went viral amongst the blogs.

This past Halloween hundreds of little girls were inspired to dress up as minnie Zendaya’s, wearing long princess gowns and faux dreadlocks. A new era of modern day princesses. Zendaya proves to young girls of color that you can be special and successful as YOUSELF, natural hair and all.

1. She stays out of trouble and is never in the tabloids for negative reasons.

2. She is an advocate for natural beauty and a proud, unapologetic black girl.

3. She doesn’t conform to societies standards of beauty, nor does she let its preconceived notions affect the way she carries herself.

4. She’s talented and not just another pretty face. She doesn’t use her physicality to boost her career. Rather, she works hard and makes sure her moves speak for themselves.

5. We’ve seen her pull off several sexy, edgy and chic looks, but always in a tasteful and age-appropriate way.

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