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5 Signs Your Friend Might Be Jealous Of You


546825101It’s always nice to share your accomplishments and goals with someone you are close with. For the most part, friends are generally happy for you and encourage you to keep going. However have you ever gotten that gut feeling that one of your friends isn’t? It may not be you paranoia taking over.

Sometimes we tend to be blind, ignoring the warning signs of a jealous or envious friends. Unfortunately they are usually amongst us, but we’re too righteous an trusting to accuse any of them. A lot of times, they will undermine your accomplishments or what you have created for yourself by not acknowledging it or playing it off like something minor. Comparing themselves to you or trying to downplay everything you do, are signs to be aware of. Not only is it discouraging, but it’s hurtful too. It’s important that you rid your life of these negative snakes.

There isn’t a problem with being competitive, but amongst friends or family is not necessary. Each person is an individual with different paths and ways to achieve, so it’s okay if you and your friend don’t have the same skills―it’s something to celebrate rather than condemn. But people are human and naturally jealousy is a part of life that can either make or break a friendship. However, you will have to decide if you want to continue with the 500047901friendship, or address the issue at hand and see if it can be worked out and changed. Before you go attacking your girl friend, here’s 5 signs of a jealous friend.
1- Never congratulating you on your accomplishments.

2- Lack of support in whatever it is your doing, but finds times for other things.

3- Comparing themselves to you and others saying how much they’re doing and what they have done. Trying to see how can they top you. You guys might not even be in the same career field.480985303

4- The who do they think they are look. No explanation needed. We have all received this look at some point lol.

5- No support on any social media. Sounds petty right. Well no, especially if you know your friends are always scrolling. Putting up what u have done and that one friend is suspect. This is your ace, homie, sista girl.

Friends support friends, whether it’s major or minor. You don’t need an excuse to be genuine just do so and if you have a jealous friend in your clique. It’s time to make a decision if you should let them go. Good Luck.

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