5 Thoughts You’ll Have As You Approach Your Final Semester In College



You’re a senior in college and you’re approaching your final semester. There’s a lot on your mind and you’re going through plenty of mixed emotions. You’ve finally experienced what people call “the best years of your life” and now that chapter in your life is coming to a close. College is fun and it will probably be one of the greatest experiences of your life filled with memories and life lessons, but I am sure you are thinking about what’s next. Don’t worry we’ve all been there so here’s 5 thoughts you shouldn’t worry about having as you approach your final semester of college.


1. 4 years went by that fast

It seems as though yesterday was your first day on campus and you were just settling in to your room trying to get adjusted to college life. Now you sit back and think, where has the time gone, “I remember thinking not being sure of what classes I wanted to take each semester and now I’m not sure what I want to do with my life after college.”



2. I’m going to miss my friends.

You made lots of friends while you were away in school and formed bonds with them that you probably consider unbreakable. These people are your family away from your family because you’ve spent every single second with them for the past 4 years and it hard to think what your life would be like not seeing your friend every day.



3. I need to go out more

It’s your last semester so you’re probably thinking I need to go out with a bang.



4. I don’t want to go back home

You enjoyed being away from your parents house and having your own independence the past 4 years. So now your pretty devastated that you have to go back home and go back to living under your parents house and their rules.



giphy5. What am I going to do after this?

You’ve gotten used to knowing what’s going to happen next and now that you are almost done with school you have no clue what’s going to happen after this.

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