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6 Amazing DC Brunches that You Won’t Want to Miss Out On!

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Pynk Magazine is here to give you an exclusive on DC brunches! We all love traveling to Chocolate City whether it be for Howard’s Homecoming, The Smithsonian Institution, or other historic sites that DC has to offer. Today we gathered 6 places for brunch that can enhance our experience in the city!


Busboys and Poets

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo courtesy of Google

Our first recommendation is Busboys and Poets. There are three locations in the DC area to choose from, it is a lively establishment and perfect for groups. Additionally, on one side of the room, there are a plethora of books perfect for poets and writers to retreat to. Busboys and Poets menu is vegan-friendly too— everyone can enjoy the experience of one of DC’s well-known restaurants.


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Our second place on the list is Sequoia. This option is pricey if you are willing to spend $35-65 on brunch. For the money, it is worth it. This location is perfect for taking those shameless pretty pynk Instagram and Snapchat pictures, with a view of the Potomac River. Not only is the view beautiful, but we also have the option of buffet-style seafood, pasta, omelet, dessert, and eggs benedict stations to select from. Sequoia is worth spending the extra bucks!

Medium Rare

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo courtesy of Google

The third option is Medium Rare located near Capitol HillMedium Rare is a steakhouse but does specialize in a appetizing brunch menu. The best part is that brunch will run us about $23 dollars, we can continue to save those coins ladies! Coupled with our steak entree, we’ll get unlimited drinks like Mimosas, La Columbe Coffee, Bloody Marys, and orange juice to select from. Perfect for the powerful pynk girl!

Cuba Libre

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo courtesy of Google

Moreover, if you would rather have a more cultured experience, Cuba Libre located in Chinatown of the DC area is the perfect option. They have a special called Especial de Brunch that includes 3 brunch plates— only for $24.95! But before we dig into our food, we have to enjoy the Latin Pastries that Cuba Libre serves.  We can drink bottomless for an additonal $16 soaking in the ambiance of the Cuban culture.


Photo courtesy of Google

Photo courtesy of Google

Hawthorne is located on U St NW. This contemporary option provides you with an entree and unlimited drinks of our brunch favorites like Mimosas, Bloody Marys, OJ, and beer for bae at $36.99. Together with the drinks and scenery, Hawthorne is the perfect place to go to on dates with your partner. To seal the deal, Hawthorne serves you a shot of Fireball after you’ve finished your meal! That’s pretty pynk and provocative!

The Madhatter

Photo courtesy of Google

Photo courtesy of Google

Lastly, the Madhatter is the most inexpensive brunch option on the list to choose from. With generous size plates, they offer unlimited mimosas for only $14.  There is a DJ who keeps the party and vibes at an all-time high, spinning the turntable to our favorite songs while we enjoy the company of our friends and family. The Madhatter is a staple in DC that everyone must try at least one time when visiting the area, they are known for their famous mimosas too!


Now that we’ve given you the scoop on places to brunch in DC, where will you be going next? Comment below and share some of your experiences if you’ve been to any of these places already.

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