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6 Tips on How to Grow and Maintain Healthy Hair With Guru, Nehelia Brown


With so many pills, vitamins and products that claim to grow your hair, many women are confused about what to do in order to find their innate curl pattern and blossom healthy tresses. Although these supplemental vitamins for hair treatment seem worth a shot, we are still unsure about how using pills and different products truly affects our bodies and hormones. PYNK was able to have learn some useful information about hair care with one of Atlanta’s top master stylists and natural hair specialists, Neheila Brown shared her tips to grow and maintain healthy hair. For a few minutes, we were able to delve into the world of hair health and get a thorough understanding of the steps to take to get to healthy hair goals.


7 Tips on How to Grow and Maintain Healthy Hair with Nehelia Brown.

What is your styling background?

I specialize in  natural hair and extensions. I have been doing hair since I was a little girl in Jamaica. I am a self-taught stylist, but as I got older I decided to turn my hobby into a  profession. When I moved to Atlanta, I obtained my cosmetology degree from CTC Chattahoochee Technical College  where I had the opportunity to work with  a lot of  different cultures and hair types.  I learned that different hair textures require different attention, care and products. There are a lot of women who have a hard time growing and maintaining healthy hair and there are endless products and pills in the market, but I believe in the old school simple method of great hair care and a healthy diet.


1. Regular shampoo. Whether your hair is natural, relaxed, locked or if you have sew-in extensions, you have to shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis.  Outside of your home hair care maintenance, I recommend visiting a stylist for a shampoo and condition at-least once a week..


I use the product Basic for my shampoos and conditioners.  I use fountain oils to keep scalps healthy and moisturized. Jamaican black castor oil is a great conditioning oil and mighty roots should be used on your roots and edges 3 times a week for great regrowth. Products can be purchased directly from me. In addition, just drinking a lot of water and maintaining a healthy diet filled with lots of fruits and vegetables helps.


2. Trims! There is a false assumption about not cutting your hair in order for it to grow.

Not true it is essential to get your ends trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks,

3. Hydration treatment and deep condition treatment for specific hair types. Based on your hair, I recommend a possible deep condition every two weeks.

4. Protein treatment for natural or processed hair. Protein treatment restores and regrows your hair.


5. Match your products with your hair type! It’s very important to know your hair type, know what products work with your hair and which products do not work.

6. If you are natural to change it up you can do protected styles like sew- ins braids, or have a unit made.

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