7 Guys Share Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore In A Relationship



Coming to the realization that your man doesn’t want you anymore is a woman’s worst dating fear. There’s always that tricky moment between the butterfly stages and cuffing season where the relationship recipients are unsure of whether or not they should continue dating, but once you get over the hump it’s smooth cruising. The only problem is that sometimes the hump is a little more steep than you originally imagined.

Most women are pretty straight forward when it comes to breaking it off with a guy. From my experience and Girl Code 101, women tend to end things quickly without the trouble of dragging false hope along. We know that it’s wrong to string people along and as naturally emotionally adept beings, we don’t want to ruin someone’s life and certainly not our own. However, although every guy is different I think it’s safe to say that a man will wait it out as long as he can, simply because he does not see the benefit in letting her go too soon.

Although guys tend to change their minds often and cannot control the insatiable craving they have for the greenery on the other side, there are some clear signs that show when a man just isn’t into a woman anymore. These hidden codes live within the non-committer and the recovering cheater, so it’s important that you keep your eyes open or invest in a best guy friend to help you get through tough times. PYNK Girls have broken the code and surveyed seven ex-womanizers, between the ages of 21-35, who gave us some insight on the red flags that you shouldn’t ignore when things go sour in a relationship.

Bachelor 1: The Communication patterns change

In the early stages of a relationship, a guy that you are dealing with is most likely extremely eager to hang out and talk to you on a regular basis.

“A dude that goes from hitting you up all the time to hitting you up here and there, often times is creating distance between you two.”

This is not in a circumstance that is a clear red flag, but it’s certainly something to pay attention to. If this is a guy that you’ve been pretty serious with, you should know his life. Maybe he got a new job that is extremely time consuming and rigorous. Or maybe he’s going through some tough family times. Maybe he’s just cheating. Although not every relationship is perfect, it is healthy to know each others’ lives. If your man is usually the type to give you life updates and he stopped, maybe it’s time to do some research. What ever the case may be, be sure to talk to him first before you assume anything and if he isn’t straight forward with you, now it’s time to worry because maybe you’re next to cut off on his list.

2Bachelor 2: Less interested in conversation

“He’s a lot less interested in conversations. He just straight up doesn’t listen to a word you say. Disinterest in normal things like conversation, nice gestures and spending time with you has definitely been some things that have led to my breakups in the past.”

Although some men are just not into the conversations about your friends that get on your nerves and co-worker chronicles, they still listen to avoid arguments. Everything you used to say was entertaining to him and now that he has grown tired, you have gone from being talkative to being a “nag.” You’re not a nag! He’s just a jerk.

Bachelor 3: Not in the mood for sex

Said no man ever.

There is not one man on this planet that would deny sex from his girl unless he is already getting it elsewhere.

Bachelor 4: He becomes a loner

“When I’m in a committed relationship, there are usually things that I do with my girlfriend as a routine. If I were to stop doing those things randomly, there’s probably something wrong.”

Let’s say you often go to the gym with your man. It’s your thing that you do. If one day he decides to get up and go on his own, it’s pretty suspect. Don’t just shrug it off. Ask questions and get him to tell you details. There’s nothing that can tell a liar better than some details.

Bachelor 5: He doesn’t go down on you

“True story. If the kitty is neglected, it’s time to move on.”

Straight from the horses mouth, no man is going to leave is woman unsatisfied. Unfortunately, less affection in bed is a bad aign. This was a surprise to me when I first heard it. I guess a man in love will go to all lengths to makes his lady happy.

Bachelor 6: Cancelling plans3

This may seem innocent at first, but pay attention to how often he cancels on you or reschedules. Keep in mind the times and days too.

“When a guy never has time for anything that involves you or makes other things a priority such as work and the gym,  run! Unless he’s building an empire like Diddy or he’s a personal trainer, he’s most likely occupying his time with someone else. His favorite line is probably “I can’t” or “I forgot.”

Men make time for the things they want to make time for, so if he can play ball with his fella’s or have an after work beer, he can definitely squeeze you into his busiest day if he wants to. Don’t let him fool you.

Bachelor 7: He doesn’t argue back

Although you may think that his lack of back responses means that you’ve made your point and you’re right, it might mean the exact opposite in guy language. Most guys have a “thing” with being right all the time. They’re aggressive and defensive by nature, so they will argue with you until the wheels fall off to prove themselves. If a man doesn’t even care enough to communicate with you in regards to an issue, he’s definitely given up. Silence is deadly.

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