7 Steps To Finding Your Inner Goddess and Spiritual Warrior



A cluttered room is a cluttered mind. Begin your soul searching process by cleansing your intimate space. When you are surrounded by chaos or unorganization it can affect your thought process, how you work, sleep and your mood. Before we begin this journey, take time today to start organizing your home, your purse, bathroom ect.   Give away/donate clothes you don’t wear, throw away things you said you were going to use again but haven’t. Let it go and make room for the new. You don’t have to clean every room in your house in one day, but start in the area you will spend most of your time and see how your mood begins to change. ( This is very important to do everyday/weekly)



The best way to begin your process of self love and growth is starting with self analysis.

Write down your insecurites, flaws, and things you struggle with. You can write it in your journal, a post it note, or in your phone but you have to write them down!

Start with the questions below.

How do you feel about yourself right now?
What do you feel is holding you back?
State where you want to be mentally.
State where you want to be physically.
What are you lacking the most.
What are some things you want to get rid of?( emotional or physical)



Now its time to….abandon the negative thoughts and feelings. 
Accept yourself and love every part of you. Accept your flaws, accept your past accept the mistakes you made. Accept the things you can not change. Yes we all wish to do better or look better, but in this moment enjoy every part of you RIGHT NOW. Flaws and all.

The more you work towards accepting and making the effort to love yourself and everything about you the faster and stronger you grow. If there are events in your past that has shaped or affected you spend a little time acknowledging your past, accept how you feel currently and move towards how you desire to feel .
When analyzing negative past experiences, DON’T focus on the pain but instead focus on what you learned from them

Challenge. Throw away, tear or burn the sheet of paper you wrote your insecurities/struggles on. If you wrote it in your phone delete it. Concentrate on how great it feels to remove the negativity.



notes14Sometimes we don’t get what we desire in life becasue we are constantly talking about what we don’t want instead of telling the universe all the things we do desire.   For example.  I hear people saying “I don’t want a man to cheat on me” or I don’t like my job. Instead it should be “I will have a faithful loving man” and I am moving to a career that I love and excites me.  The next step is writing down a list of affirmations and record yourself speaking them. Affirmations are meant to be bold, clear, and positive and said on a daily basis.  Its about the action of training your mind to think and speak differently.


Take time to isolate yourself from people, social media, tv, music, expectations, conversations, noise, and pressure. Create a space where you can be alone and silent with your thoughts. This can also be done by taking some time each day to go for a walk in the park and think, taking a long shower without listening to music,  or turning your phone off immediatiely when you get home so there are no distractions.   Isolations  is the time for rejuvenation and self-talk, to regain peace and awareness.  I’m a nature person so my favorite places for isolation is the beach or in the park.

Society tells us how we are supposed to be. How many hours to sleep, what to eat and how to think.  Get rid of everything youve heard and really find out what YOU think.  How do you feel? Fuck everyone else’s thoughts. Get to know you.

Write down your thoughts or record yourself. Personally I like to record myself so I can always look back to see the progress.


Be patient. She doesn’t come overnight.
 Growth requires patience and constant attention. It requires you to constantly take time each day to meditate.  Pracitce mediation at least twice a day.  Once to show gratitude for the changes you are making and second to visualize the woman you want to be.  Even if you feel like you are too busy designate at least 7-10 minutes to remain  consistent and disciplined in your practice.

We all have excuses for why we’re not growing in the direction we want to be growing — it could be money, school, a job, a relationshipThe best way to get from A- Z is a map.  After you wrote down your goal now plan a road map of how to get there.  Start by writing down your first 3 goals. Then write down 3 strategies to obtain your goal, Next write down 3 course of actions you need to take to complete your goal.  Last write down what you can do TODAY to begin completing your goals.  Checklists are the best way to stay ontop of your progress.



notes17Take a day out every week to treat yourself.  Treating yourself doesn’t mean going shopping or having a cheat day! Treating yourself is taking care of your body and mind.  Do something to make you feel beautiful or relaxed. Do something that gives you confidence. Seek out a new hobby or passion. Get to know you. Date yourself.  Love yourself. Spend quality time getting to know more about you.  


Follow these 7 steps every week and see how quick your life changes. The point of the 7 steps is to go from saying “I want to be” to ” I am” You will reprogram your mind to love despite and attract great positive things.  My friends are currently doing this together and its great to see all of our progress.




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    September 2, 2016 at 12:40 am

    Every woman has an inner goddess. Not every woman realizes it though. Follow these steps and guide your way to beauty, happiness and naturally let yourself glow not only on the outside, but also from within.

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