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8 Productive Habits To Practice This Week

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The weekend is the time to get your rest in, catch up on things that you weren’t able to get to throughout the week, and relax. But most of us don’t even get the proper amount of sleep during the work-week let alone, on the weekends. In reality, the weekend for us is a time to hang out, enjoy libations and let loose. Even though we know that the Monday woes are right around the corner waiting for us. Sadly, this is a habit that we probably aren’t equipped to break free from.

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However, it’s important for me to at least develop some helpful habits that will keep me organized and prepared for the busy week ahead. Tackling Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the proper way will insure that you will have more positive intentions for the following days. Continue reading for some great tips that help me have more productive work weeks.

One habit that I have developed that helps me get through a busy week is making sure to schedule every plan that I am making. It sometimes gets overwhelming to do things on the fly and of course you want to please everyone who offers fun to you. Whether you are going out to get drinks with your girls or planning a night of wine and laughs on a Tuesday, your planner is your best friend.

Make sure you are getting enough rest. There’s nothing worse than trying to get work done on an empty sleep meter, so it’s important that you get enough rest in order for your body and mind to run successfully. Although this is easier said than done, perhaps try napping in the middle of the day, but make sure your naps aren’t exceeding more than 2 hours. Your body is just like any other system. Without the proper amount of nutrients and energy, it won’t run.

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Start your morning the right way. Coffee and toast is simply not enough to fuel you for the rest of the day. Try eating a real breakfast. That may entail you actually waking up a little earlier so you can prepare a hearty meal. It’s not a myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This doesn’t mean you should stuff your face with bagels and donuts. It means that you should eat some core foods that will give you all the energy you need to continue with the rest of your day i.e good proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, keep a positive mind. A new day is a fresh start. It’s a chance to put some pep in your week and challenge yourself to get things done more efficiently than last week. Be sure to keep a clear and positive mind while you are conquering any given day of the week.


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