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8 Reasons Why We Need More Plus Size Models in Advertisements



If you’ve been keeping up with social media lately, you may have discovered this new wave of promoting body positivity with the tag #thisisplus.

This tag was started by a Curvy Cupcake blogger named Katt in response to the #PlusIsEqual campaign by Lane Bryant and #StyleHasNoSize by Evans, which both have received criticism for their lack of diversity. On September 22, Katt created the #thisisplus hashtag and stated that “#ThisIsPlus is “for everyone, but specifically anyone who feels that [these]campaigns do not represent them.”

#ThisIsPlus is awesome and here’s 8 reasons why we need more plus size people in advertisements.

Photo Credit: Beauty with plus, Lane Bryant #Imnoangel

1. Tall and Skinny is not the only body type.

People come in all shapes and sizes, so why should we only glamorize one body type.

2. Style absolutely does not have a size.

It really doesn’t. A big girl can rock the same outfit a skinny girl can and lots of the time the thick girl makes it look better.

3. Plus size also comes in different shapes.

Plus size ranges also, so why not include women all of them.

4. Men can be plus size as well.

Hey, big guys need love too.

5. We should include children as well

Yes we all know that being overweight can lead you to lots of health risk and it’s important for children to stay active, so why not include children who are big in those ads to inspire other kids to get up and play.

6. It will help change the standards of beauty

If we see more diversity in ads it will help build everyones self esteem.

7. Everyone’s body is perfect

No matter how skinny you are or how big you are the way your body is shaped is how god made it and you should appreciate it.

8. Empowerment

More diversity equals more empowered and confidant people walking on this earth.


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