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8 Women You Should Aspire To Be

Artwork by Nicholle Kobi
Artwork by Nicholle Kobi

With an oversaturated market of bloggers its hard filtering through finding the quality and inspiring ones to follow. I’ve made the process easier for you by highlighting some of the most influential women that can help you get your life together. Individually they represent different aspects in your life from beauty, fashion, fitness and inspiration.  Their goals are to educate, inspire and empower! Follow them now!



FOR THE MIND : @ShelahMarie 

Shelah is a spiritual realist. She’s a mix between green tea and trap music. Passionate about meditation and yoga, her mission is to reach women by educating and empowering them to live a spiritual and healthy lifestyle.  She captures her audience by hosting soul searching workshops and real life conversations via periscope and snapchat.

 THE BODY: @FollowtheLita

Lita is a fitness and wellness trainer that is the epitome of body goals. . With her down to earth personality,  her mission is to promote personal growth and transformation while reminding you that you are uniquely made.  Her pledge is “Her fit is not your fit because your fit is one of a kind.” You can follow her for inspiration or sign up online for personal training sessions.




FOR SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS:  @ShanBoody@shanboodram

Clinical sexologist & author, Shan is that homegirl you need  that specializes in sex, love and relationships.   Her stories and methods are unconventional, educating and hilarious.  She’s definitely a go to person for advice.  learning how to spice things up or learning more educational facts about the psychology behind sex and relationships .


Blogger, host and queen of DIY, Fran is an advocate of self healing. After battling an illness and  healing herself through alternative medicine, nutrition and fitness, she became more passionate and conscious about a healthier lifestyle. Her tips and tutorials are educational and easily accessible and affordable.


FOR BEAUTY:  @ItsMyRayeRaye

No matter the budget the beautiful Raye teaches you how to slay from beauty store to high end makeup designers.  Even if you’re not a makeup expert her makeup tutorials are informative, entertaining and straight to the point.







She’s plus sized, confident and teaches skinny bitches how to slay.  She is a swimsuit designer, and style blogger that doesn’t believe in “dressing for your body type”.  She motivates others to take risks and have fun with clothing regardless of their size.






Blake is a career woman with style. She shows you how to dress like a lady and look like a boss. She embodies style and grace by showing you versatility of how to go from work to happy hour or weekend getaways .   You can find her style inspirations and cute exclusive pieces by shopping her favorites located on her site.






Angela is a self-taught home cook, food blogger and recipe developer.  Her tutorials are great for those learning to cook as well as the advanced. She takes your traditional home cooked meals to the next level by teaching you how to achieve meals like cajun butter roasted shrimp, curry chicken salad collard green wraps and more.  Yes Lord.


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