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#PynkGirl of the Day: Shoe Designer, Thressa Pine-Smith

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The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is either check Twitter or pray and meditate.

I eat a breakfast of a protein shake and fruit or nothing.

I never leave home without my baby a.k.a My iphone.

When I am working, I get straight to business on e-mails. They are endless, but there’s always one that leads to something huge.

When it comes to my customers/clients, I never want them to sacrifice money for style. I didn’t have that option so I would never put that burden on them.

The most rewarding part of my business is working with my brother, Norrell, and having people compliment us on something we worked hard on because they’re genuinely happy.

The most difficult part of my business is having to be consistent when I don’t even want to get out of bed. I’m bipolar and sometimes my bipolar doesn’t care that I have things to do. I am fortunate enough to have a good team around me who will tell me I’m overwhelmed before I even realize it. Also, I have movie night Tuesdays with my girls to give me a break once a week.

What gets me through a business day are snacks– I can’t accomplish anything when I’m hungry. I also pray and listen to Diddy and Oprah on youtube giving their motivational speeches.

When things seem not to go as planned I try to give myself a pep talk, but right now all I can do is take a deep breath and listen to Norrell when he tells me to chill and it will work out. It usually does.

A great day for me consist of working out, having a good sales day, having a whole conversation with my mom on the phone without arguing, my clothes fitting, and Beyonce dropping a post on Instagram.

I usually end my day on Twitter or writing a long ass to-do list for the next day.

I like to unwind by watching “This is Us” and eating Mexican food.

Photo Via: @thressavalinteen

Photo Via: @thressavalinteen


My advice to women looking to start a business is to do as much research on your field as possible before you spend any money. Also survey your friends and network with people on Meetup. There are so many resources online.

I want other women to succeed because the self esteem you get from exceeding your own goals is better than any gift anybody can give you. Every woman should feel that at least once.

I want young women to know that these dudes aren’t going anywhere but your time will, so don’t waste it.

Every #PynkGirl should have these 5 things in her purse for the most successful business day:

  1. Lotion
  2. Water
  3. Carmex (you see the anti ash theme).
  4. A notebook. You never know when inspiration will strike and writing something down feels different than doing it on your phone.
  5. And really cute well branded business cards (canva+vistaprint) equals you can afford to brand.

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