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“A Celfie Valentine’s”


Single on Valentine’s Day! Embrace it, and have fun doing it!

Valentine’s Day does not have to be about romantic love, it can be about self love, Platonic love, family love or just plain love.
I’m sure you’re thinking … Yea whatever I’m alone; therefore my Valentine’s Day will be a bummer… Filled with comfort food, cliché movies, and self loathing…. But that’s so not the case!
Stop and put things into perspective….
Because like really! It’s a marketing ploy to sell pointless cards that say what you probably don’t do or feel or even mean (Check the divorce rate, if you don’t believe me) but it’s expected by our really consumer driven society! Oh yea not to mention! The restaurants you can go to any other day of the year. There is really no Valentine’s Day special dish…. But I digress… Let’s get back to the issue at hand….
1. How many of your friends are in relationships and they’re lonelier than you?
2. If it wasn’t Valentine’s Day would you care you’re single???
3. Is one night worth, weeks, months or years worth of misery?
Starting to see the light? Being single on Valentine’s does not mean you have to be miserable; here are some Single Do’s and Dont’s on VDay; follow this list and you will love single you more than ever!


1. All Chain pharmacies, the card department in your grocery store – Forget being single couples get depressed with some of these cards…
2. The fragrance department in department stores – buy fragrance after the season is over
3. Lifetime and the variants – Annoying.
1. Buy the Star, or Life and Style….. Guilty pleasure… How many couples that were so in love and inseparable that is now in all kinds of separation issues … Not bad right…. Trust me chances you will start to feel better almost instantly! A Guilty pleasure never hurt anyone…
2. Treat yourself … No one can love you like you love you! Pamper yourself…. VDay is on a Saturday there’s a pantry list to do…. Spa day … Get that facial or massage you’ve been putting off, mani & pedi, retail therapy, spend a little extra time at the gym, cuddle up with that book you haven’t had time to read
3. Host a singles game night…. Invite both sexes … Get the Clue, Sorry, Monopoly and whatever old school games out! It will be light hearted fun!
4. A mommy Date night with the Munchkins! You’ll be surprise how intuitive children are and if you’re down they will always find a way to make mommy smile.
5. Want a quiet low-key night?
Buy your favorite bottle of wine, order in or prepare a nice meal for one and enjoy your DVR or onDemand.
6. Meet up with single girlfriends and have a “Sex and the City” Esq. Girls Night Out… Cocktails, Dinner and More Cocktails, partake in the TurnUp! IT’S ON A SATURDAY….DID I FORGET TO MENTION THAT?
The point is embracing the single life… You’re free to do as you please when you please with no explanations or need for consideration of another person’s feelings…. Celebrate! Did I mention Valentine’s is a Saturday!

Written By, Kareé Onfroy of Callia’s Closet for PYNKMagazine

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