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A la Cart: Your Guide to Online Shopping


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PYNK girls believe that retail therapy is a very real way to distress and have fun. According to Psychology Today, there are positive emotions related to shopping that when practiced within your means, can be a therapeutic solution to a long week or simply a reward to yourself. But let’s be real, sometimes it is a pain to stalk the entire perimeter of your favorite shop, sift through countless racks, only to have to wait in never-ending checkout line. We’ve been there and that is why we highly recommend online shopping.

If you are new to online shopping, do not be afraid. You may be someone who is uncomfortable with supplying financial and personal information on the web to make purchases, but we are here to tell you that there are several ways to protect yourself. As cyber retail junkies ourselves, we even know a thing or two about saving you a few bucks with sites and hacks that are too good to be true. At last, we equip you with the tools to become better than the FBI when doing your research about products and brands before you commit to buy. So you see, in the comfort of your own home, you can order just about anything selling in these United States and abroad, that will hopefully lift your spirits and you can be cyber safe while doing so.


  1. Green light

Identity theft is huge and unfortunately the online marketplace offers a cesspool of opportunity for con artists to pull schemes on unsuspecting shoppers. You can be sure you are protected from fraudulent websites posing as online stores by following these simple tips:

  • Look for the green padlock icon in the status bar of your web browser or in the URL address bar
  • Be sure the website has SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed (the web address should start with HTTPS://)
  • Consider using PayPal and other secured payment options instead of your credit or debit card, it’s free and adds another layer of protection

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  1. Be thrifty, never cheap

Let’s face it ladies, quality costs. However, online sales are the exception to the rule. On any given day, you can find a coupon, Groupon, flash sale, or some other titillating promotion vying for your attention online. In this case, don’t confuse thrifty with cheap, if your favorite department store has that romper you’ve been eyeing for months on sale for 20% off, don’t think it’s on sale because its damaged or no more attractive–the store simply wants it out of inventory to make room for more. So on your next bargain hunt remember this:

  • Use a popular search engine (Google, Bing, etc…) and look for coupon codes for your favorite store or boutique
  • Go ahead and give them your email address…they send you deals periodically and exclusive coupons for being a valued customer
  • Download the app. Forever 21 has one, H&M, and even Victoria’s Secret. Not to mention apps like Groupon, Retail Me Not, and Amazon. All unique in what they offer, respectively, you can benefit from deals like discounted nights on the town, % off total purchase coupons, and virtually order anything from here to Hong Kong.

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  1. Seeing is believing

Those hip-hugging sweater dresses you love to admire on IG can be somewhat of a mirage. Even the models on established sites like Bloomingdale’s, rocking the asymmetric work/play blazer may be a little misleading. Point is you cannot be too sure of a product’s quality, size, or even color from an online picture. The best you can do is look for reviews and feedback on the products you wish to buy. So before you make a decision, consider this:

  • Google the item and be as detailed as possible, someone, somewhere has got an opinion that may be useful to you
  • Check YouTube. Many YouTube Gurus, give reviews detailing their experiences with different products. You don’t have to take their advice but their testimonies are a great look into what you could be getting
  • Click on the reviews/feedback tab. Sometimes business owners will pay people to post positive reviews on their site, likewise, competitors may offer bad reviews–but you can always tell the difference. Generally you want to look for a 3 and up star rating
  • Check out the return policy. You can do all the research you want but sometimes, the Brian Atwood pumps with the pom-pom just doesn’t do your wardrobe any justice. And that’s okay. Make sure your retailer has a return or exchange policy that will allow you to swap it out for something you like
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