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When discussing female game-changers in the entertainment industry, it would be a sin not to mention one of the most esteemed actresses in Hollywood who is not only our boyfriends’ fave, but a positive female role model. Meagan Good is a gifted and decorated starlet, who has endured the vicious and sometimes compromising industry life for over two decades. The famed actress has fought through the sexist stereotypes and negative pressures of the business and has managed to stay afloat in order to continue doing what she loves. Although the California native has worked extremely hard to develop a presence in film, she openly admits that she cannot credit herself for her accolades and owes all of her success to God.

Born in Panorama City, Los Angeles this dynamic Leo started acting in commercials as a child and teenager. Her natural acting skills prompted her to landing one of her most memorable breakthrough roles as “Cisely Batiste” in Eve’s Bayou. From her minor roles in urban films such as, You Got Served and Waist Deep, to her more matured roles in Think Like a Man and its sequel as well as starring in the NBC series Deception, Meagan has always delivered quality work. With an impressive resume of movies under her belt, and being active in a field where successful women are scarce, Meagan stays above the curve and continues to be relevant. Her transition into more serious roles has been flawless and it’s clear that the best has yet to come for her.

Recently, more women have been in major roles across various television networks. Meagan joins the rotation including: Taraji P Henson on Empire, Gabrielle Union on Being Mary Jane, Kerry Washington on Scandal, Halle Berry on Extant, Viola Davis on How to Get Away With Murder and the list is still growing. It’s amazing to see women starring in major roles and we owe it to women like Meagan Good who have overcome discouragement and obstacles through their journey. For a young girl who has dreams of becoming an actress or model, she is confident that it’s a possibility now.

With three new projects in the works and a career leap delving into the world of production, Meagan Good is a true lover of God, an integral woman and #PYNKGirlApproved. Continue reading on the following pages as Meagan discusses what she would be doing if she wasn’t acting, her process of dealing with negativity from the media, and how her and her husband, DeVon Franklin, manage to keep a successful and loving union.

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PYNK: What is your dream role?

Meagan Good: Hmm .. I don’t know what my dream role is. To be honest I don’t know if God has revealed it to me yet, but I do believe it will be a true life story of someone powerful .

How would you want to be remembered as a public figure in Hollywood? What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to be remembered as someone who truly loves God first. Someone with integrity, who is kind and compassionate to “everyone,” and someone who did everything that I could for anybody, whether I knew them personally or not. I want my legacy to be that of a woman standing on the front lines to build God’s kingdom-uplifting and inspiring women around the world into knowledge of their value, purpose and calling. I want be to be remembered as a visionary one day. A “woman” that helped change the face of black images in cinema as it pertains to art house films.

What are some stereotypes of female actresses that you have experienced?

As an actress, I’ve experienced the stereotype of being boxed in. Playing the love interest, the girlfriend or the damsel in distress. One of the biggest stereotypes is that women can’t lead the same kind of movies that men do and that people wont go out to support it. In the 90s and early 2000’s, there were tons of movies with ladies who led, produced and directed. I think we need to get back to that for people to realize the value of having a woman’s perspective again.

How do you go about not succumbing to these industry generalizations?

I make it a point to never buy into my own hype. Working this long in the business, I’ve been blessed to experience a wide scope of the harsh realities industry life can bring. So while I’m working in it, I am not “of” it. I treat everybody with love and respect and I hold tight to humility and reality. This isn’t real; but if you make it your reality, one day you’ll be in for a rude awakening that many people never recover from.

You are still undoubtedly one of the most relevant actresses on the big screen, how does it feel to be one of Hollywood’s favorites in your lane? Still booking roles etc.

Every time I work I’m reminded of God’s grace and mercy over my life. I have no doubt that He is the deciding factor. I’m thankful, grateful and absolutely humbled to have been able to consistently work doing the job that I love for over 20 years. It makes me feel really good and blessed.

I’m sure you have dealt with negative rumors and press–considering that you are always in the spotlight. How do you deal with the negativity in the media?

It’s taken a lot of practice and prayer to get to a place of peace. It used to be extremely challenging and painful for me to handle negative commentary. I would take everything so personal and it would depress me. Often times, it made me feel like the world was against me judging me without knowing who I truly was. These days are a lot different. What was once my burden is my blessing, and it’s what makes me relatable to do the work God is giving me to do. Also, my husband has brought a tremendous amount of healing and perspective to my life. He is most certainly my rock and without a doubt on my team. He let’s negativity roll off him like it never existed, it’s super inspiring. With his help I’m getting pretty good at doing the same.

It’s amazing to see how happy you and your husband are and how successful your relationship is. What is some advice that you have on love and relationships?

I would say let God be the one to lead you into any relationship. Don’t settle, and let him be the one to lead you “within” the relationship. Hubby and I did tons of premarital counseling and still do some once in a while. We really maintenance our relationship and make it the priority, but more so than anything; it’s God centered. The love is very forgiving, kind, and always willing to figure out what’s best for both of us. I also think a lot of the joy and success in our marriage is due to us waiting to have sex before we got married. We have a bond that is so deep and cemented in the reality of who we are as individuals and collectively. Sex came later–which helped us avoid any confusion. It gave us complete clarity and allowed us to truly love each other for who we truly are.

What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?

I used to always say that if I wasn’t acting I would be tatted up everywhere, living in a glass apartment in Europe refusing to ever wear clothes! (laughs) These days, I think I would be doing more of what I’ve already begun–which is working with young women to better their self image of who they are and what God called them to do. Also, I’d probably be directing and producing full time.

What are some projects that you are currently working on?

Right now I’m working on the NBC comedy Mr. Robinson with Craig Robinson as well as the Steven Spielberg Fox reboot of Minority Report–the show. Prayerfully, it gets picked up! I’m getting ready to start a movie called “Catch 22” that I’m producing along with Queen Latifah. And I’m awaiting the release of the last movie I produced called “A Girl Like Grace,” which is a coming-of-age story about a young woman–very much inspired to impact this generation of young women. I just premiered my web series, “All That Matters” on World Star Hip Hop. The reason that I premiered the web series on world star is because it directly affects pop-culture and I felt it’s more valuable to change the content and images we see rather than complain about it. In other words “be” the change I want see. On day two, we were up to 6 million views. Lastly, I’m getting ready to release my sister and I’s collaboration with Defend Paris clothing. We are working hard to affect pop culture and this generation of women.


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