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#ThinkTravel: Affordable Valentine’s Day Getaways!

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Valentine’s day is coming and we all may not have a clue on where and what we want to do with our special person. This is a romantic moment that none of us want to ruin. Choosing the right getaway can be difficult because we are the perfectionist when it comes to Valentine’s Day! We’ve listed some ideas to do with your lover that won’t break our pockets.


Relax and reduce stress levels with bae as you both enjoy recharge and boost moisture leaving you two glowed up! Check out some affordable spas near you. 

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The Poconos 

The Poconos is a great romantic winter getaway. Disconnect from the world for a weekend and enjoy each others company. Request a romantic package to get the works for your special weekend.

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New York City

Love will be in the air in the city that never sleeps. With breathtaking views from the top of the Empire State Building, this will be a valentines day to remember.

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Local hotel or resort

For those who want to take the simplistic route, your local hotel or resort will do wonders. Surprise your honey with a bubble bath in the hot tub,  a rose petal walkway also does the trick too!

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Now that we’ve given you some options, what will you be doing for Valentine’s Day? Comment below and share some ideas that you may have on your special day!

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