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African American Women Are Dominating The Beauty Industry


As women we love to look our best.There is no better feeling than having your hair freshly done, along with a mani and a pedi. We spend a lot of money in the beauty industry, hair, nails etc.

The hair and nail industry were dominated by Asians. In a sense it was monopolized by them. There has been a switch in the atmosphere, where as African-Americans are starting to dominate this field. Black owned hair companies, nail franchises, and beauty supplies are popping up and being successful.

With owners like Ming Lee of Snob Life and Dana Cody of Tippie Toes nail salon( who has a reality show on the Oxygen Channel ), just to name a few leading the way, it is making the way for many more owners to come. The wonderful thing about this is African-American business owners are becoming younger and instagram is the lead as they display their online stores. Glitzzy Hair company is becoming international, with locations in the states, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad. Check out all of these companies and support them. It’s a new day and age lets embrace it.




Ming Lee owner of Snob Life

Ming Lee owner of Snob Life

Dana Cody Tippie Toes owner

Dana Cody Tippie Toes owner


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