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Amber Rose says Philly is not “traditionally attractive”

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MUVA, Amber Rose, is in hot water because of a recent interview on Revolt TV’s “Drink Champs.” During the interview she was asked “What was your determination to say ‘you know what I’m going to be bigger than this, better than this and I’m going to be somebody’?”

Simply put, the question asked, “How did you know you were going to be somebody?” her response to the question was offensive to many especially people from her city of Philadelphia.

For your convenience here is a clip of the 2 ½ hour interview.

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Amber Rose is from South Philadelphia, “Broad and Ellsworth” she told N.O.R.E. And according to the buzz cut beauty, she comes from a city that is not traditionally attractive.

Many Philadelphian’s were dissatisfied with her comments about the beauty of Philadelphia people.

Here are a few quotes that were posted on “East Coast Renaissance”:

“It doesn’t matter if she said neighborhood or whole Philly. She basically called Black women ugly when she isn’t all of that. What is special about a baldheaded white lady??”

“I know a ton of girls here all over Philadelphia, who are absolutely beautiful. Whatever she said about us in that video was PURE BS!”

“I’m from South Philly! I think I’m beautiful in and out! All women are beautiful in their own way! Try being beautiful without makeup!”

Some people think that Philly women are taking the comment too seriously.

“People so damn sensitive like chill”

“Well, when you know people so darn sensitive refrain from name calling and using stereotypes and insults, it’s just that simple.”

Amber Rose claims to be all about women empowerment, but isn’t saying that Philadelphians aren’t “traditionally pretty”attempting to kick her own Philadelphian sisters down?

“You talking about us Philly chicks sure don’t sound like a feminist woman to me.” said a commenter on Instagram.

People are commenting that she was drunk but that is false. After her comments about Philadelphians not being “traditionally attractive”, she mentioned that she did not want to drink before doing the interview.

“You know what, I’mma be honest, I didn’t drink since I spoke to you. My team, they was all in my room, I was getting ready, they were all drinking and sh*t they were like, “Muva why don’t you want to drink?” I was like, ‘I know these motherf!#@s are going to get me all f*cked up so let me go in sober’.”

The Slutwalk entrepreneur later tried to clean it up by posting on Instagram Stories, while wearing a Phila t-shirt, an explanation with an apology. Many are not sure it is sincere.

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If you want to watch the entire interview, here is the link:

What do you think of her comments? Were they just ignorant? Do you think that she supports all women or is she only representing attractive women?

Some would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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