‘ANTM’ Cancelled: 5 Reasons Why It Should Have Ended Already



It’s the end of an era, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 will be the fashion-centric reality show’s last season as it was reported that it has been cancelled by The CW.

Supermodel and creator of the show Tyra Banks confirmed the announcement via Twitter, shortly after. The show made its debut back in May of 2003 and it helped launched the career paths of Eva Marcille, Yaya DaCosta, Winnie Harlow, Toccara Jones, and many others. The show had a very good run and many people did enjoy watching it, but in all honesty it should have ended a long time ago. The hype from the show died down long before they had a “British invasion” and ratings reduced tremendously. It is surprising that producers have held on for this long. As an ex-fan of the model show, here’s my five reasons why ANTM should have ended a long time ago.

1. When one season had a British Invasion.



That right there shows that they were running out of ideas so    they felt that making an American vs British competition would generate more ratings.




2. When Tyra Banks decided to pursue a singing career.


Tyra we love you but being a singer wasn’t your calling and we’re glad you stuck with being a model and a host on primetime television.






3. When a Boy vs. Girls season was created.


I understand Tyra wanting to give everyone a chance but modeling is super easy for guys they don’t really have that many poses to do so adding guys was a waste of a season.





 4. When Miss J, Mr. J, and Nigel Barker got fired off the show.


Tyra you made a wrong move by letting the network let go of the best judges. I can admit that I stopped watching the show once they left.





5. It just got old.

America's Next Top Model

ANTM had its run and it was a great show to watch but after a while it got old and repetitive. It’s like what more could Tyra have done to keep the show interesting.






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