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Ariana Grande & Big Sean Perform Duet at the 2014 ‘A Very Grammy Christmas’ Concert



What better combination is there than a Singer and a Rapper? Big Sean and Ariana Grande are not only a match made is heaven because their names translate to mean the same thing, but they are adorably compatible. The miniature couple went from being secret lovers to rocking out in concerts together and completely breaking barriers of PDA on stage. Last night (Nov. 18), the two went public when they did a very intimate performance together at the 2014 A Very Grammy Christmas Concert.

Back in August at the MTV VMAs, the two performed on stage before they officially admitted to being a couple. Soon after, they began posting Instagram flicks and now—they are duet-ing like Bey and Jay. Although the couple managed to stay low-key for quite some time, it’s impossible for the media to avoid implications about their love, but luckily they’ve managed to stay out of the negative tabloids.


Photo Credit(s): Getty Images

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