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Artist To Watch: Beats Bang Fame ‘Benz Roll Up’



Now of days it takes more than being just an artist to make it in the world of hip hop. You have to be the artist, producer, and brand just to get things done. And todays artist to watch Beats Bang Fame wears all those hats and many more.

As an artist who developed his sound and fell into the role of producer, Fame has collaborated and made hits for some of Jerseys top rising stars. His brand #WinnasOnly is a movement dedicated to giving hip hop that old school fill that we know so often that has gone out of style. Through the #WinnasOnly brand he host showcases that give Jersey artist a chance to take their music directly to the people they make it for. It takes basement shows and hip hop cyphers to the next level and expands on the artistry of what it means to be a real artist in the 21st center.

Aside from him uplifting the hip hop community he also dabbles in rapping himself. He spends time on giving you as the listener the full experience of his music with dope beats and melodic lyrics that hit hard with a smooth delivery.

Check out this #PYNKTune “BenzRollUp”



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