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If you’re having a bad day or need a little pick me up beyond that Starbucks coffee you may want to tune into Pop and EDM singer, Pharaoh.  The Atlanta born rising star’s, record, “So Good” will get you in that upbeat mood you need to get through the day.  Pharaoh has been making a name for himself across the country and beyond through his unique blended Michael Jackson meets Nelly sound and Usher-like dancing moves. It’s rare to be a full package but the singer, dancer and actor seizes his talents well and it shows. Pharaoh’s addictive up-tempo hits  bares familiarity to a few billboard classic hits.  His music is  reminiscent of Nelly, Chris Brown and T-Pain. His unique organic sound is comprised of EDM and electro urban pop. Instead of trying to fit into the boxes created by the music industry, the vocalist and phenomenal dancer has curated his own category and is shining beautifully in his authenticity.


Pharaoh sat down with Pynk to discuss bringing back pop music and what he wants in his girl.



What does your music bring to the scene?

My music brings a new elevation of urban EDM pop and much more with high Energies and a strong sound to draw your attention to the dance floor for all ages at any environment.  Im a pop artist and I want to bring back pop to us.  We created pop.  Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown and the greats did pop music which is derived fom R&B and soul but even that was stripped from us.  So yeah, I’m here to return pop to its root and make people have fun again. I’m mixing pop with EDM and hip hop.  I love diversity!

Tell us about your first single  “So good” that has become a popular hit?

So Good was produced by The Exclusive.  Its about the rough times I’ve endured and rising above those things.  Its about me  evolving.  Its my hug to the world and all those feeling down wrapped into music. o Good is a high-elevation song that gets you moving and grooving as soon as you hear it.  Its a mix of all crafts into one.

How has your childhood influenced your adulthood

Growing up in the city of New York was tough.   Like any City you have to overcome All Odds .but the music industry and songs that were played on the radio they kept me motivated and  elevated.  Music kept me pushing and moving forward, Specifically, Mary J Blige Biggie Smalls Tupac Tyrese and Ginuwine.  The music those artists had always put a smile upon my face.  Through their artistry I  felt better days were coming.  That’s  one of the reasons why I’m here today.

What can we expect from Pharaoh?

A strong-willed person very determined high-energy extremely motivated passionate for all


Who are some women who inspire you?

My grandmother  has always been a church-going God fearing person.  She  has always prayed over me and kept me out of trouble. I appreciate my stepmother for always being supportive and  by being my side through every step of the way.

What are some characteristics that you like your version of the perfect woman

For her to have a great smile.  I love a girl  who loves to play video games and is outgoing.  My perfect girl is a  family person who is persistent,  positive with a strong will.


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