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It’s that time again when we give you the latest artist to add to your favorite playlist and like always this #PYNKGirl Approved artist to watch is sure to have you bumping a new tune.

Hailing from Jersey, Troy Reign is an artist who is full of energy and has an explosive presence  when he hits any stage. Besides his in your face approach to performing, he demands your attention with his easy on the eyes baby face and fluent spitting style.

So we decided to sit down with the Jersey native and find out exactly who he is, not only as an artist but as a fan of the culture.

PYNK: Where are you from?

Troy Reign: Born in East Orange, New Jersey. But I moved around from North Plainfield to Plainfield. These different communities helped shape me as an artist because frequently changing my environment did not allow me to get used to one view of life. I moved back and forth from suburban to urban, making new friends and learning new perceptions & styles of people. This influenced me to be myself because I never had a chance to adapt to one environment or even one dress code because it always changed.

PYNK: What drives you to be an interactive performer who doesn’t simply rely on his music and lyrics to move the crowd?

Troy Reign: Thanks! It’s the desire for me to leave the people with a “feeling” and the satisfaction of being entertained. Your music and lyrics can move their minds, which is cool. But, your body can move their body. I like to give the impression that the crowd and I are one. I’m not performing for you, we are performing together. We also live in a very visual generation so acting out your performance is very helpful and engaging.

PYNK: Where do you draw inspiration from:

Troy Reign: I draw inspiration from people, situations, and musical energy. When I’m presented with an instrumental that internally moves me, it’s like the song writes itself.

PYNK: What are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Troy Reign: Michael Jackson, Bill Withers, Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, J Cole, Logic, 50 cent, DMX, and Sade.

PYNK: What was your favorite hip hop era?

Troy Reign: . My favorite hip hop era was the 2000’s. Simply because of how real everything felt. When it came to beefs, people were direct and would say names which rose the intensity. It just felt authentic.

PYNK: What do you think todays music is lacking?

Troy Reign: If lacking anything, it’s lacking reality. You can say music is music, this isn’t a classroom, it’s just music. True! But Music is one of the greatest influences in the world. I’ve seen it first hand and a lot of the time I hear artist paint pictures that negatively affect the listener and the listener is  seduced by the music to be aware of the influence. They only give one side to the story. Like if you’re gonna tell them that you drank & turned up all night, let them know about the hangover as well.

PYNK: What do you think challenges you the most as an artist?

Troy Reign: Ghost writing, I do it often but every time I do there’s a new person I have to become in order to clearly paint the picture that’s being requested to be painted. It’s amazing lyrical practice though, very healthy

PYNK: What has been your biggest obstacle as an independent artist?

Troy Reign: I don’t believe I’ve had a biggest obstacle as an independent artist. It’s challenging sometimes, but so is everything. Anything I’m going through or have been through is just part of the path to get where I want to be.

PYNK: What do you see more important, fame or the love for the music?

Troy Reign: Love of the music is definitely over fame. If you want fame you’ll lose yourself and you’ll be an actor your whole life. People who want fame are at the mercy of the public and the public’s opinion changes rapidly. You’ll be gone as fast as you got there or you’ll stay and suffer eternally everyday you wake up. How could you ever be yourself? Love of the music will give you authentic longevity and will give you the feel that you’re getting paid large sums of money to do something you would’ve done with compensation or not.

PYNK: Why do you love hip-hop?

Troy Reign:  Because this genre is the truth. It’s the loud truth. If we say “I Love You” we say “I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!” If it’s “Fxck you” then it’s “FXCK YOU!!!!!!” (lol) That’s very entertaining and intoxicating. Whether people like you or dislike you, hip hop is where you can be yourself. It’s the home of the unique.

PYNK: What are the latest projects you are working on?

Troy Reign: I’m working on a project right now. I don’t really want to ruin the element of surprise so for the people who are supporting and or watching, keep your eyes open.


Be sure to follow @troyreign and stay up to date with all the latest he has going on because he is a talent that is #PYNKGirlApproved.





Photo Credit(s): Troy Reign 


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