Opinion: Why Most Awards Shows Are A Hoax



With the MTV Video Music Awards right around the corner, it’s kind of sad that I can’t say that I’m excited to see who will win the most acclaimed awards this year. Yesterday afternoon, Azealia Banks―with her usual opinionated spiel―took her thoughts to Twitter as she discussed lost faith in winning any kind of nationally recognized awards for her music. Although she has become hip hop’s stepchild, there is no denying her raw talent and completely transparent views on the music industry and its flawed programming.

With her movie Coco set to hit theaters in 2016, it seems like Banks should be starring in a self-reflection auto-biography, “Always, Always, Always a Nominee.” We’re pretty sure it’s next on her controversial to-do list. Although Banks has created a pigeonhole for herself and her art, I can’t help but agree with her perspective of the faulty process that executives go through to make the award winner decisions. I once believed in an awards show that honored unquestionable talent and innovation in music, but these days it seems like music has become washed out by statistics and popularity―undermining the quality and actual talent.

Although there are people who constantly win that have undeniable talent, the list of music legends without awards continues to grow. How can we trust a ceremony that claims to celebrate excellence in music when there are only a few deemed excellent? Azealia’s tactics may be “radical,” but she does have a point. Unfortunately, it will get swept under the rug like all the other protests and disobedience.


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