Basketball Wives Premiere was #PynkGirlApproved

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As said by returning Basketball wife Evelyn Lozada,(or baseball fiancee if you were watching Livin’ Lozada) the shade started early with the long-awaited return of the original Basketball Wives Season 6 premiere. The premiere came last night with an introduction to some rising tension coming from Tami and Jackie towards Evelyn.

As expected we see the return of Evelyn Lozada meeting up with her BFF Shaunie O’Neal backstage at the Real, where she discusses her struggles with conceiving, Shaunie’s upcoming 70’s party, and her issues not being on speaking terms with Tami for 4 years, which she believes stems from her admitting to sleeping with Kenny Anderson, Tami’s ex-husband, back in 2010 and her, admittedly, seeing nothing but negative energy around Tami. Eventually, you see Shaunie meet up with Tami to inform her that she invited Evelyn to her party and low-key hopes that they will both patch things up, after learning that Tami has been unaware of Evelyn’s issue with her and wants to get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, Jackie also has her own set of issues with Evelyn that she confessed to Tami regarding her situation with her daughter, Ta’Kari, believing Evelyn to have been out of pocket in donating to her daughter’s gofundme page. We then lead up to the showdown at the party between Evelyn, Jackie, and Tami, where after clearing things up with Jackie finally sits down with Tami to discuss the incident that resulting in Evelyn calling Tami a “non muthaf**kin factor”, and Tami addressing an interview Evelyn did addressing the status of her relationship with Tami, with the conversation going nowhere. In-between Jackie’s conversation with Tami and the lead up to the 70s party, we meet Keonna Green, Nick Young’s baby mama/ex-girlfriend, who was responsible for his and Iggy Azaleas break-up, turning to Shaunie on how to deal with the stigma of being known as Nick Young’s baby mama.

#PynkGirl wants to know did y’all think of Monday nights premiere. Basketball Wives premieres every Monday at 9 on VH1, get ready for the drama and the tea that will be spilled.

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