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Beats By Dre #StraightOuttaSomewhere Movement Goes Viral



Beats by Dre and the Straight Outta Compton movie have collaborated to break the Internet once more this summer. Coming to theaters August 14th, the NWA biopic has created an online movement encouraging people to rep where they’re from with a “Straight Outta…” back dropped photograph. Some celebrities have participated in the nifty feature, and black Twitter and Instagram have certainly adopted the hashtag.

Unfortunately for Meek Mill, social media trolls have also caught wind of the ingenious campaign, which has caused the outbreak of several shade throwing memes #StraightOuttaComebacks. About a week ago, Meek visited “Ebro In The Morning” on Hot 97 to discuss his current tour, his relationship with Nicki, and how much social media isn’t “his thing.” Sorry Meek, but the Internet clearly does not care whether you are aware or not, you’ll still be mocked in every meme, tweet, and many tags in the future. Check out a few dope pictures surfacing on the Internet of participating celebrities and some funny ones too.

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