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Best Skincare Products for Summer 16


One minute my skin is cracked, ashy and dry, and next its oily, sweaty and shiny.  Welcome to skincare conditions while living in New York City.  My skin has acquired a bipolar personality disorder while trying to adapt to harsh life and brutal weather.  Since a child, I’ve always suffered from eczema which resulted in being very sensitive to what goes on my skin.  My mother was always conscious of what washing detergent, perfume and soap she would purchase.  Sometimes my skin would become inflamed or irritated and vaseline became my solution for long lasting moisture.   Fast forward years later. Lets just say  I need a better solution.

So what products should I use to keep my skin hydrated.  What products moisturize but don’t leave my skin super oily and slippery? Will I be ashy again in 30 minutes? What if I don’t want to DIY?  On my quest for better skin I compiled a list of my favorite skincare brands that I’ve tried and are great for skin care and self love!


July 13, 2007 Jakarta, Indonesia Photo shoot for Juara Skin Care. Photos by Sinartus Sosrodjojo/JiwaFoto Agency

Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub is the best thing ever! I love using this while I’m in the shower. The smell is energizing and it’s 2 in 1 body treatment cleanses and exfoliates the skin. It’s perfect for everyday use or those special days where you want to give yourself an at home spa treatment. Price $38



web_Tamarind_Tea_008Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner is alcohol-free, oil-free.  It leaves your skin feeling cool, refreshed,  and soft.  I use this before putting on my moisturizer. Its great for balancing out the skin without clogging the pores. Price $32



shea oil

Shea Terra Shea Nilotik’ Oil (S. African Lavender)

I use this lavender oil as soon as I get out of the shower.  I use it as a moisturizer, a massage oil and I also use it for my hair.  I replaced my jar of vaseline with this oil because it’s perfect for leaving my skin hydrated without the excess oil.  It leaves my skin feeling smooth and it’s also great for getting rid of cellulite and stretch marks. Price. $18





Shea Terra:  Mongongo Lip Savior

I absolutely love my  lip savior. I apply it before I put on lipgloss, lipstick or I just wear it by itself. I’ve actually had it for a while now because a little goes a long way.  It literally keeps my lips moisturized without re applying every 30 minutes.  Their healing ingredients cure chapped, dry, peeling lips leaving them nourished and moisturized, not to mention the smell is heavenly! Price. $11



Apoterra Tulsi Luminous Scrub with Lavender + Pink Sea Salt

When I’ve had an extremely long day and can’t wait to get home and decompress, the first thing I do is jump in the shower and let the tulsi scrub heal my mind and body.  Combined with lavender, the aroma, and pink sea salt moisturizes  and gently exfoliates while promoting healthy circulation. I use this scrub when I want to relax or after hot yoga or meditation. Price:$32




Lauren Napier Cleanse By Lauren Napier

I’ve tried many makeup removers but Cleanse is by far my favorite.  It comes in a cute sleek black pouch and it is perfect for  the fabulous woman on the go.  The towelettes are perfect for removing impurities and makeup without leaving your skin feeling  dry. The first thing I want to do after coming in from this humid weather and hot subway cars is jump in the shower and remove my makeup.   I use Cleanse before jumping in the shower or before bed and it always leaves my skin feeling refreshed and amazing. Infused with Aloe, cucumber, chamomile and marshmallow root extracts is perfect for reducing inflammation and prevents acne. Price: $10- $40

massagecandles-220x220Exotic Lathers Soy Massage Candles

This is the coolest candle ever and it’s definitely the best of both worlds.  Wonderful smelling candle that  turns into a moisturizer!  The melting point of the candle is just a few degrees above body temperature so you can immediately pour it onto your skin for a warm soothing massage.  It’s the perfect treat for getting through a long day or  week. Price $ 12.99



body butter image-220x220


Exotic Lathers Whipped Body Butter

This amazing body butter leaves your skin feeling silky and soft. I love the texture of the cream and how great it feels being massaged on my skin.  Its great at reversing stretch marks, skin discoloration and reduces wrinkles. The cream lasts all day and doesn’t weigh heavy on your skin. Price $18.50



Ixxi Ixxi Cosmetics Milky Hydrating Lotion

Every time I use this product my skin feels refreshed.  It leaves my skin feeling cool and awakened.  It’s perfect to use in the mornings for that extra boost of energy or anytime throughout the day when you need a refreshing cool mist.  Its perfect in those moments when your skin is feeling supper dry.




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