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Beyonce finally reveals twins on Instagram!

Photo courtesy of Beyonce Instagram

All hail the Queen and her Heirs!

Sir Carter and Rumi are one month today, and to celebrate in their world entrance, Beyonce posted a picture of the tiny creatures on Instagram. This is the most we’ve seen of the twins since their birth.

So what was Beyonce wearing? She slayed in a coat by Palomo Spain while holding her adorable twins.

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With over 8 million likes and 400,000 comments, of course people had some good things to say about the image and some not so nice.

“Beautiful babies” and “You look beautiful” were the positive comments from many Instagrammers.

The picture also received negative comments like, “This is what the world has been waiting for?” and “I think fame has gone to her head.”

Beyonce and the twins look happy and healthy. Many blessings to the Carter family.

What do you think of the twins debut?

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