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Birth Of A Navy: 4 Ways ‘Anti’ #R8 Has Us Impatiently Waiting


rihanna_anti_artwork_732_730About a week ago, Robyn “Bad Gal RiRi” Fenty posted the artwork to her upcoming album Anti R8 and we all lost our minds. First of all, how is she just going to switch up the title on us without any warning? Second, when is she going to drop this thing?

After the release of her visuals for “BBHMM,” we were certain that the album was coming soon after, but from the looks of it, Rihanna is doing what she does best—leaving her navy at the edge of their seats. For a brief time period, it seemed as though release dates were played out and surprise drops were the new wave to hop on, but Rih has reminded us that she sets her own rules.

2015 is a pretty busy year for the Bajan princess. Not only did she sign a multimillion dollar deal with the athletics company Puma, but she has been traveling around the world making appearances and touring; selling out in all types of arenas. If that doesn’t give you an idea of her level of stardom, just Google pictures from her store-stop at a Brooklyn, New York Macy’s. Fenty fans camped outside of the downtown BK jumbo store days earlier awaiting her arrival. Crazy much? Rihanna has this effect on many of her stan’s.

puma-by-rihanna-creeper-sneakers-1On September 25, during the initial drop of her debut Puma shoe “The Creeper,” Rihanna took her gratitude to social media to thank all her fans for buying every pair of the sneaker in less than 3 hours. If that sounds insane to you, understand that the company also offered a pre-order of the shoe a week before, which sold out in 3 hours as well. The force of RiRi is real.

Whether she is selling out sneakers or arenas, there is no denying that Rihanna is one of the most idolized, favored and iconic contemporary artists of our time. Team PYNK has been obsessing over her upcoming album for weeks now. Check out 4 ways why RiRi has us stressing and impatiently waiting for Anti to drop.

1. Instagram stalking.

For the sake of us not sounding crazy, we aren’t necessarily stalking, we are just checking up on her. Every…Hour…Of The…Day. Rihanna has this way of making people go insane and we are absolutely crazy about the possibilities that her upcoming album holds. Rihanna's 8th Album Artwork Reveal

2. The name change has us like “BRUH.”

This name change action was way too much for our psyches! We all thought that “R8” was the title and that it was close to being dropped because “BBHMM” just came out, but of course RiRi has tricks up her sleeve.

3. No release date!

Despite the pressure from her fans, Rihanna has made the decision not to drop the album until it is perfect. In honor of her eighth studio album, the bad gal wants to deliver something different and worth the wait.
4. The artwork is amazing.
Artist, Roy Nachum says that her “amazing” music is what inspired the artwork. Rihanna asked to work with Nachum after seeing his work in Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s home. The artist worked with Rih on her album work for about a year.
R8, we’re ready for you.
Rihanna's 8th Album Artwork Reveal
Photo Credit(s): Getty, Puma
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